Peterborough Panthers team boss expects ‘Rising Star’ Jordan to shine, but first Premiership meeting of the season has been postponed!

Peterborough Panthers team boss Rob Lyon has revealed why he picked Jordan Palin as the club’s young rider under the new ‘Rising Star’ scheme.
Jordan PalinJordan Palin
Jordan Palin

Lyon believes he’s landed one of the best young British riders on the scene, but he’s determined not to put any immediate pressure on the teenager’s shoulders.

He is confident Palin, from Beverley, will find consistency after just a handful of meetings in the Premiership.

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Lyon said: “I picked Jordan for lots of reasons. I didn’t pick him to, let’s say, hit the ground running and score a bag-load of points every week, although of course if he does then that’s fantastic!

Panthers team boss Rob Lyon.Panthers team boss Rob Lyon.
Panthers team boss Rob Lyon.

“I picked him because I think the boy’s got so much talent that by the time we get to halfway through the season, he’ll start to really come to the fore and show he is one of the best youngsters in the country.

“Potential is a word that’s used quite often, but he’s got time on his side. He’s a couple of years behind the likes of Drew Kemp, Tom Brennan and Anders Rowe to name but a few. They have more experience, but in my opinion Jordan has got such a lot of ability that given time he will emerge as one of the best British riders we have around at the moment.”

Lyon is also predicting a battle for the top spot in Panthers’ averages this season.

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Bjarne Pedersen starts in that spot, but the likes of Chris Harris and Hans Andersen will have other ideas.

Lyon added: “I don’t think it makes a massive difference who ends up as number one, but it’s fair to say there are three or four riders who could quite easily emerge there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they swap around over the months as we go forward.

“I do think we’ve got riders in the team of equal experience, equal ability, and a lot of them will have a point to prove to themselves as well as to others.

“Bjarne starts out at number one, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else took over the mantle in June, and someone else in July, and that could be a positive in lots of ways.”

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Panthers were due to head to Sheffield for their Premiership season opener tonight (Thursday), but heavy rain has forced a postponement.

Panthers will now open thjeir season at home to Sheffield on Monday (May 24, 7.30pm). It is an all-ticket meeting due to Covid restrictions, but there is no deadline for purchase.

Lyon had named an interesting riding order for this evening.

Pedersen had been partnered with Andersen in the opening heat with Harris named in the important number five slot.