Peterborough Panthers have 10 days to save their season

Ben Cook is out in front for Panthers in the meeting with Leicester. Photo: David Lowndes.Ben Cook is out in front for Panthers in the meeting with Leicester. Photo: David Lowndes.
Ben Cook is out in front for Panthers in the meeting with Leicester. Photo: David Lowndes.
​Peterborough Panthers have 10 days to make the moves needed to retain a realistic Premiership play-off shot this season.

​Monday’s 43-47 home defeat at the hands of Leicester left Panthers six points adrift of the top four, having raced more matches than the four sides immediately above them.

Panthers have managed just one win in their first eight meetings of the campaign which follows a disastrous 2022 when they finished well adrift at the bottom of the table.

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And with next Monday’s scheduled home fixture against Wolverhampton postponed due to other events at the East of England Arena, they don’t return to action until Monday, June 12 at Wolverhampton.And by that stage, they surely must have the line-up in place which they see as the one to take them through the remainder of the season, including obviously a specialist No 1.

But team boss Rob Lyon, an understandable picture of frustration following the loss to the Lions, was unable to provide any clarity on when the anticipated signing – or signings – will take place.

Speaking after Monday’s meeting, Lyon said: “I don’t know at this stage to be honest.

“I’m not sure where we’re at. We’ll see. I can’t say any more than that at the moment.”

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Rumoured names of possible incoming riders include former Premiership riders Matej Zagar and Rohan Tungate – the latter rode for Panthers in 2019 – and Polish licence holder Vadim Tarasenko has also indicated he is set to follow his countryman Artem Laguta to the UK.

Laguta, the 2021 World Champion, has signed for Peterborough’s A47 rivals King’s Lynn and makes his debut tonight (Thursday) against Sheffield.

That massive move by the Stars has also put the enigmatic Krzysztof Kasprzak onto the rider market, although it’s unclear whether he intends to keep on racing in the UK.

Panthers fans are understandably frustrated their neighbours have secured a clear, out-and-out No.1 in a move which appears to have come together after manager Alex Brady paid a visit to the recent Grand Prix of Poland in Warsaw.

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Meanwhile with no home meeting until June 26 – and that one being against Showground specialists Belle Vue – Peterborough have tough back-to-back away matches against Wolverhampton, Belle Vue and Ipswich looming next on their schedule.

And that’s why a team line-up saga which has rumbled on for over two months is now beyond the critical stage.