Peterborough Panthers are working overtime as they seek to solve their Premiership problems.

Peterborough Panthers fans’ favourite Ulrich Ostergaard says he and his team-mates are working overtime to solve the issues which have plagued their Premiership title defence.
Ulrich Ostergaard (red helmet) leads the way for Panthers against Wolves.Ulrich Ostergaard (red helmet) leads the way for Panthers against Wolves.
Ulrich Ostergaard (red helmet) leads the way for Panthers against Wolves.

Panthers have lost all five of their league matches so far, the latest a disappointing 10-point home defeat to Wolverhampton, with Ostergaard one of several riders who have been unable to replicate their form of 2021.

Another chance to put things right at Monmore Green on Monday was lost when the meeting was abandoned due to track conditions, and all eyes are now on next Monday’s home (June 13) clash with Sheffield.

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Ostergaard said: "It's been a really frustrating time for everyone at the club. We are all trying to turn things around, but it's tough to put a finger on what's gone wrong.

“None of us have become bad riders overnight, but for some reason we can't get going and with so few teams in the league we can't afford to be losing too many more meetings if we are to make the play-offs.

“A few of the boys are having troubles with engines and we have had a few things go against us so far, but we are all trying to put the problems behind us.

“The fans are still right behind us, and we thank them for their backing.”Meanwhile skipper Scott Nicholls, another man searching for speed at this stage of the campaign, said there was no choice but to call a halt to the away match at Wolves.

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Nicholls was on track for the aborted attempt to run Heat 1 when home youngster Leon Flint came down on the first bend, but it was clear that all riders were struggling to turn their bikes.That was as a result of the heavy rain in the Midlands over the weekend, and although Monday had been dry, the track had not recovered sufficiently.

Nicholls said: “You’re a bit tentative going into the first turn anyway, because you’re not sure what the bike’s going to do with it being so grippy.“I saw Leon lift and go straight, I saw how aggressively he lifted, and he actually thought I hit him, but I was actually nowhere near him.

“I went to try and turn and I went straight as well, and to be fair the first and second bend wasn’t as grippy as the third and fourth – so in some ways it’s fortunate that we didn’t get there!”

Panthers’ next opportunity to turn things around is in next Monday’s return fixture against Wolverhampton at Monmore Green.