It's a high five for Walker and Mahoney in the COPS gold rush

It was another gold rush for City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS) at the Cambridgeshire County Championships.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 9:21 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:51 am
COPS age group winners at the county championships were, from the left, Connor Walker, Eve Wright, Jack Underwood, Brenna Howell, Ruby Blakeley, Myles Robinson-Young and Amelia Monaghan.

Once again they were the dominant force at the event at Whittlesey, picking up a total of 154 medals - 55 of them gold.

In addition they also won eight of the 14 Age Group awards through Jack Underwood and Ruby Blakeley (both 10 years), Connor Walker and Brenna Howell (both 13 years), Eve Wright (14 years), Myles Robinson-Young and Amelia Monaghan (both 15 years)and Rachel Wellings (16 years).

Walker and Jessica Mahoney (12) both won five gold medals apiece with the former also collecting a couple of silvers.

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Monaghan won four golds, a silver and a bronze while Howell, Anna Blakeley (15) and Mollie Allen (19) were triple gold medallists.

Monaghan added two silvers and a bronze to her haul while Blakeley (15) also won a silver.

Double gold medal winners for COPS were Matthew Newson (14) plus five silvers; Herbie Kinder (15) plus two silvers and two bronze; Joshua Martin (11) plus two silvers and a bronze; Myles Robinson-Young (15) plus two silvers and a bronze; Eve Wright (14) plus one silver and two bronze; Ruby Blakeley (10) plus one silver and one bronze; Fabian Brudnicki (13) plus one silver and one bronze; Jamie Scholes (17) plus one silver; Rebecca Burton (19); and Harriet Salisbury (13).

COPS other gold medal winners were: Mia Leech (15) plus three silvers and three bronze; Amy Paget (12) plus two silvers and a bronze; Henry Pearce (15) plus two silvers and three bronze; Poppy Richardson (16) plus two silvers and a bronze; Holly Graves (13) plus one silver; Bethany Saunders (17) plus one silver; Keiran Griffin (11) plus one bronze; Kiara Kovacs (13); and Daniel Leigh (18).

COPS other medal winners were: Jack Brown (14) three silvers and three bronze; Sophie Griffin (13) three silvers and two bronze; Eliza Mardon (11) two silvers and three bronze; James Rothwell (13) two silvers and two bronze; Harry Whiteman (17) two silvers and a bronze; Thomas Wiggins (18) two silvers and a bronze; Matthew Gray silver and three bronze; Ella McGhie (13) silver and bronze; Matthew Rothwell (15) silver and bronze; Joshua Smith (12) silver and bronze; Lauren Browne (14) silver; Hannah Daley (13) silver; Anastassja Herdien (12) silver; Mia Turvey (11) silver; Mackenzie Whyatt (15) silver; George Whiteman (13) silver; Albert Papworth (12) two bronze; and Jamie Peacock (11) bronze.

Also swimming for COPS were: Calleigh Coull (10), Lucie Creedon (11), Laura Fehrenbach (12), Isla Fulluck- Holmes (10), Sophie Galjaard (14), Mark Goodes (13), Alex Harlow (10), Safford Hewitt-White (11), Carys Horn (11), Ruby Hunnybun (12), Emma Leslie (16), Charlotte Martin (15), Millie Pearce (11), Stan Scarborough (11), Erivan Shilani (13), Joshua Spencer (12), Ismail Tajer (11), Katie Tasker (14) and Matthew Wouldham (16).