United will stall if they leave Ole at the wheel and don’t mourn Huddersfield Town or Fulham

Prancing Paul Pogba.Prancing Paul Pogba.
Prancing Paul Pogba.
I did warn Manchester United they were making a mistake in appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their permanent manager.

He enjoyed a long new boss bounce, but the wheels have come off now, which is ironic given United fans love to sing songs about him being a safe and talented driver.

Obviously losing to a Lionel Messi-inspired Barcelona in a Champions League quarter-final is no reason to write anyone off, but if I was Solskjaer, or the bigwig behind his appointment, I’d have been alarmed by United’s display last weekend against a West Ham side already dreaming of the beach.

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That one performance proved what a massive rebuilding job United have on their hands and entrusting it to a rookie manager is an enormous risk.

Out-of-his-depth Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Out-of-his-depth Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
Out-of-his-depth Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It’s not as though United will be able to offer Champions League football next season to players who will look at the reported £500k a week wages of Alexis Sanchez, a reserve, and fancy some of that.

United should fund that rebuilding by selling prancing midfielder Paul Pogba, although getting anywhere near the £90 million that they paid for him will be wishful thinking.

Pogba came alive when Jose Mourinho departed, but he looks bored again now. If United don’t get a penalty he’s not contributing anything.

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If Real Madrid are desperate enough to want him he should be sold and the money used to help fund the signing of the two centre-backs, two full-backs, four midfielders and two strikers they need to get anywhere near the level of Manchester City and Liverpool next season.

Jubilant Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock.Jubilant Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock.
Jubilant Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock.

Goalkeeper David De Gea has carried United for several seasons and now he’s started making blunders a dreadful back four have been exposed as the ragtag outfit they are. If West Ham players are running rings round you, there is a serious problem.

Elsewhere in the Premier League I was delighted to see Cardiff City win at Brighton last night (April 16).

Cardiff have suffered terribly at the hands of our incompetent ‘elite’ officials and deserve a break or two.

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I did think they were relegation certainties this season, but then I thought Fulham would enjoy a decent season following their promotion.

Cardiff are not great to watch, but then nor are Brighton, Burnley or Huddersfield.

I certainly shed no tears when Huddersfield’s relegation was confirmed, and not just because they conspired to help send Posh down from the Championship a few years ago. They bored their way into the Premier League and they have bored their way out of it.

It’s also difficult to mourn Fulham who have proved that having mega-rich owners is no guarantee of success, especially when you spend fortunes on garbarge players and appoint clueless, past-it managers mid-season,

Claudio Ranieri should have quit after his unjust sacking at Leicester City. He, like Leicester, will never have any success again.