SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: How to make F1 even more dull, dirty Wales, dirty Bale, hero Defoe

So the big plan to make Formula One interesting will lead to less overtaking?

Saturday, 1st April 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:26 pm
Wales'' superstar Gareth Bale receives a yellow card in the World Cup qualifying game in Dublin.

Brilliant. And I thought deposed chief Bernie Ecclestone was bonkers.

It’s like awarding more points for a 0-0 draw in football.

The only part of a Grand Prix worth watching is the start. Or if it starts to chuck it down with rain and it becomes a test of driving skill rather than a feat of clever engineering.

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Sebastian Vettel (right) and Lewis Hamilton after the Australian Grand Prix.

I would imagine someone, anyone, overtaking smug Lewis Hamilton during a race is a sporting highlight of the year and it’s been taken away.

Don’t believe the hype surrounding a Hamilton/Sebastian Vettel race-off for the title.

Vettel will only be competitive if Hamiton suffers slow pit-stops leading to traffic issues like in Australia last weekend (March 26)


Jermain Defoe with Bradley Lowery.

I do hope now Wales have been rumbled their tactics don’t revolve around kicking lumps out of the opposition.

Superstar Gareth Bale was fortunate that Neil Taylor’s leg-breaking assault on Ireland captain Seamus Coleman in Dublin last week overshadowed his own dangerous lunge on John O’Shea minutes earlier.

No matter what though, we are reaching the end of a successful Welsh era, one that ran for one whole tournament.


Sebastian Vettel (right) and Lewis Hamilton after the Australian Grand Prix.

I was pleased to see Scotland beat Slovenia over the weekend. Gordon Strachan will now still be manager when they host England in June thus guaranteeing another three points on our romp to Russia.


Professional footballers are often not easy to like, but Sunderland and England striker Jermain Defoe has been busy trying to put that right. Defoe’s relationship with young Bradley Lowery is a wonderful thing. Lowery has captured a nation’s hearts, but so has Defoe thanks to his warm and genuine affection for his friend.

Jermain Defoe with Bradley Lowery.