SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Hero Rooney the team man, too many beggars, too much bias

Thank goodness Wayne Rooney has beaten Sir Bobby Charlton's Manchester United club goal-scoring record.

Saturday, 28th January 2017, 7:00 am
Team man Wayne Rooney.

We can now all go back to pointing out how poor he has become. It was impressive he didn’t milk the moment though, especially as his record-breaking goal was a spectacular strike.

For all his current faults Rooney remains a team man in an otherwise ego-riddled world.


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Dan Evans.

The Sky Sports News ticker is an irritating read during January.

Virtually every transfer to clubs in Leagues One and Two is a loan deal.

Is every club now so skint they have to beg, steal and borrow their way to promotion, or out of relegation trouble?

Even Posh have three loan signings on their books including the brilliant Luke McGee (above). It’s short-termism rather than proper planning for the future.

Luke McGee.

But then the whole loan transfer system is abused.

Bournemouth have a billionaire owner and yet rely on handouts from their Premier League peers to achieve their ambition of finishing 17th.

Loan deals between clubs in the same league should be banned. It’s an unequal playing field based on favouritism.


Dan Evans.

The achievements of GB tennis star Dan Evans lately have been a joy to behold and a lesson to others that it’s never too late to turn a career around. Idiot Aussie Nick Kyrgios should be the first to take note.


One-day cricket has become too biased towards batsmen. When 350 runs in 50 overs is not enough, something should be done to bring restore balance between bat and ball.

Not everyone is thrilled by mishits (thanks to tree trunk bats) flying over 60 yards boundaries twice in every over. It’s actually quite boring. At least with the Champions Trophy taking place in England this summer, bowlers won’t necessarily think 1-70 from 10 overs are good figures.

Luke McGee.