Selfish Salah is a real irritant and other reasons why I hope Liverpool don’t win the Premier League

Selfish Mo Salah.Selfish Mo Salah.
Selfish Mo Salah.
I’m rather hoping the battle for the Premier League title will go down to the final game.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Liverpool and Manchester City win all their remaining matches.

I can’t say I’m bothered who wins it any more though. For most of the season I’ve been in the Liverpool camp because of my total admiration for Jurgen Klopp the man and the manager.

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But recently the club has irritated me and not just because the comments I see from Liverpool fans on social media are among the most banal, depressing and downright deluded of any football supporters. I’d wait until you’ve won something before making boasts that can’t be backed up by actual facts.

Admirable Jurgen Klopp.Admirable Jurgen Klopp.
Admirable Jurgen Klopp.

Jamie Carragher’s biased drivel every time Liverpool play a match on Sky Sports has hastened my irritation with the Reds.

He has an impenetrable accent for a start, which is probably a good thing for him as it’s not always possible to work out what he’s even saying, although we know it will be gushing praise for his side.

Carragher has even taken to cheering Liverpool goals which must be intensely annoying for fans of the opposition.

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Just why TV stations keep using former players to commentate on their own clubs baffles me anyway. Jermaine Jenas made no attempt to hide his Spurs bias while working on the Champions League tie against Manchester City this week.

Partisan Jamie Carragher.Partisan Jamie Carragher.
Partisan Jamie Carragher.

I’ve also started to dislike Liverpool forward Mo Salah who is one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen.

Why pass to a team-mate with a tap-in when you can try and curl the ball home from 20 yards appears to be Salah’s style? It worked for him at Southampton in Liverpool’s last Premier League match after which he used the ego’s celebration of inviting a huge audience to admire his physique. He’s no Cristiano Ronaldo though.

This one-footed wonder has raced to 50 Premier League goals, probably from about 3,000 shots.

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Salah is not fot to lace the boots of Luis Suarez, a player whose Liverpool greatness was enhanced by his willingness to let others share the glory.

Jordan Henderson’s scowling presence in midfield completes a large set of reasons to wish Liverpool don’t finish on top.

City are hard to like as well though. They’re simply too good at times. They can make six changes to a starting line-up and still not let sides like Cardiff out of their own half. It can be as boring as watching Huddersfield play Brighton.

They have become too arrogant on the back of billions of pounds of oil money.

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This might be why they chose to field the likes of Riyad Mahrez and dreadul Fabian Delph against Spurs rather than play their best team in a European Champions League quarter-final. They got their come uppance that night. It might well backfire again before the season ends.