POSH FEATURE: The fans have voted for their Peterborough United Player-of-the-Year

The Peterborough Telegraph asked followers of @PTAlanSwann on Twitter to nominate their Peterborough United Player-of-the-Year.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 12:00 pm
Chris Forrester is popular with the Posh fans. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

Here are some selected responses, followed by a poll.

Bostwick...the player we miss most when he’s not in the side (as a defender).


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Harry Beautyman picked up plenty of votes in the Posh Player-of-the-Year poll. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com

Chris Forrester, so assured on the ball and rarely puts a foot wrong. Easy transition from Ireland too.


Forrester by a mile...our good/bad spells this season almost match up exactly to when he has/hasn’t played.


Conor Washington has left Posh, but he's not been forgotten by the coub's fans. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

Maddison goals and assists. Forrester for being a top performer and probably the most consistent. I’d add Bostwick, Smith, Maddison, Alnwick and possibly Washington (which perhaps says something).


Not POY, but Beautyman has to be top six. Arguably the most consistent performer for Posh this season.


Harry Beautyman picked up plenty of votes in the Posh Player-of-the-Year poll. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com

You can’t look past Chris Forrester. Great season and already one of the best central midfielders of the DMac era. Elder, Smith, Bostwick, Maddison and Washington for a top six.


Michael Smith and Michael Bostwick for consistency, however Forrester has been our best player by far this season.


Conor Washington has left Posh, but he's not been forgotten by the coub's fans. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.

Maddison. 25 goals and assists in 35 games and some of those were sub appearances and some when being played at left back!


For me it’s a toss up between Forrester and Taylor. Forrester won’t be here long before he’s picked up by a Premier L eague club.


Bostwick ­ Mr Reliable


Maddison or Forrester


Chris Forrester for me. Although a late arrival to the club & still very young, he’s added quality & composure in midfield. Can see shades of Grant McCann in him.


Beautyman, often overlooked for the credit he deserves. Great work and team-player ethics.


Alnwick ­ the player who saved us the most points by far.


My top 6 Posh players in order: Bostwick, Forrester, Alnwick, Elder, Washington and Taylor.


Forrester for me, although had he stayed fit then it would have been Callum Elder. Hopefully he’ll be back next season.


Maddison as despite the criticism he is the only player who has improved since Christmas.The rest went to the beach on Boxing Day. And some are still there.


My six would be (no order): Forrester, Maddison, Bostwick, Taylor, Elder, Beautyman . Probably Forrester or Bostwick as POY for their consistency.


Bostwick for POY. Maddison, Forrester, Angol, Smith & Taylor probably best of the rest.


Bostwick as he’s so solid.


Forrester wins for me. Bostwick, Smith & Beautyman up there too. Washington and Elder have been our most missed as well, so deserve a mention.


Smith, Bostwick, Forrester, Beautyman, Maddison, Taylor in the top six (No order). Forrester POY, biggest influence on the team!


Beautyman, brought energy to the midfield.


Zakuani/Forrester as we look different when both of these are not in the team.


Bostwick POY, Smith, Elder, J. Anderson, Forrester, Taylor best of the rest.


Forrester. He’s been consistently solid since his move. Although sometimes sluggish, he has real quality that Posh would miss.


Forrester our best player and consistent too,Taylor not far behind.


I’m not his biggest fan but at times Maddison has been the only one shining to give us hope.


Washington, as this was his season and he was vital to our early success!


Forrester head and shoulders above the rest. Quality signing


Bostwick is the only one who’s done it over the whole season. Forrester played well for most as did Washington.


Bostwick for me! We always look suspect at the back without him. Washington should get a nod as well!


In no order: Bostwick, Maddison, Taylor, Forrester, Alnwick & Oztumer.


Forrester, Maddison, Taylor, Smith, J. Anderson, Elder (despite injuries).


Chris Forrester for me. The chairman is right in what he said about him. Premier League side West Brom couldn’t get near him in the two FA Cup games.


Top six: Forrester, Bostwick, Smith, Maddison ,Taylor, Beautyman.


Chris Forrester who controls the game for Posh and rarely puts a foot wrong! Been quality considering he moved away from family.


Maddison for me.. plays for the love of the game, not for popularity .


Forrester for sure, but Maddison deserves a mention for realising individual quality can fit into a team. Alnwick and Bostwick also.


Michael Smith for me. Matured into a reliable right back. He makes very few mistakes during games.


Chris Forrester. Calm, composed, protects our fragile back line, plays it neat & simple. Best £50k Posh ever spent


Bostwick, Alnwick, Forrester, Maddison, Washington and Taylor in that order. Bostwick player of the season by a mile.



1 Chris Forrester 39%

2 Michael Bostwick 30%

3 Marcus Maddison 12%

4 Harry Beautyman 6%

5 Jon Taylor 4%

6= Callum Elder 3%

6= Conor Washington 3%

8 =Ben Alnwick 1%

8 =Michael Smith 1%

8= Gaby Zakuani 1%