The Peterborough United public have spoken and JCH has to play against Fulham! ‘If he doesn’t start I’m not going, others can do his running, we need a bully in the side’

The Peterborough Telegraph launched a quickfire poll today on whether or not striker Jonson Clarke-Harris should start for Peterborough United against Fulham on Saturday (November 6) after his point-saving performance against Huddersfield Town on Tuesday night.

By Alan Swann
Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 4:34 pm
Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United celebrates his goal against Huddersfield. Photo: Joe Dent/
Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United celebrates his goal against Huddersfield. Photo: Joe Dent/

Almost 500 votes were cast on Twitter in three hours with a whopping 91.3% wanting to see the big number nine back in the starting line-up!

Here are some of the comments posted by supporters to @PTAlan Swann.

If he is not starting then I won’t be going. When he came on last night we looked a far better side.

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JCH up top with Dembele and Szmodics just off him doing all his running.


We might just sneak a set piece goal ourselves with JCH in the side and after he scoredgainst Huddersfield it bodes well.


Aboslute no brainer. Yes he starts.


Anyone who says he shouldn’t start is deluded. We ain’t going to out-football teams in this division. Play to our strengths, get the ball up to him and then get Dembele/Sammie feeding off him.


Posh were 20 yards further up the pitch when he came on against Huddersfield. It was good to see the attacking trio of JCH, Szmodics and Dembele, which served Posh so well last season, finally reunited.


Yes to JCH. He scored against Huddersfield and we need a centre forward to match Mitrovic.


JCH gives extra height at both ends of the pitch.


JCH should start on Saturday. He will be helpful defensively, but will allow also us to get forward. If it’s Dembele up top then Cornell’s goal kicks will just come straight back towards our goal.


Play him as we need someone to try and bully the defence and win balls when we inevitably start playing long.


No he shouldn’t play. Quick counter attacks are our best chance against Fulham, not long ball. I would change at half time if we can’t get out though as there’s a good argument either way.


Of course he should start. He is fit, he is not banned. Let’s not forget he was the best player in League One last year and the top goalscorer. We wouldn’t be here without him and we have hardly set the world alight when he has not played.


Play him. JCH wants a scrap so let’s see if Fulham get drawn into it and have runners off of him.


Hearing him say he wants to fight defenders is exactly what we need on Saturday so play him.


Don’t play him. Fulham will have lots of possession so we need to be quick on the counter attack.