Posh wide man Joe Ward before a game at Stoke this season.

The Peterborough United players at risk in the January sales and who the Posh fans would let go

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony reckons some first-team squad regulars could be packing their bags and leaving London Road in January.

By Alan Swann
Tuesday, 7th December 2021, 10:41 am

Here, the club’s fans have their say on who can leave and the Peterborough Telegraph picks six players who could be at risk unless there is a dramatic improvement in form in the final four matches before the January transfer window opens.

Out-of-favour goalkeeper Christy Pym is one player Posh are certain to try and move on.

All fans’ comments to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

Posh fans on who they would let leave London Road in January...

Clarke-Harris, Beevers, Ward, Szmodics, Grant will all never be good enough at this level. Problem is you’d want them all back in League One next season.


Wasn’t trying to be that brutal, but add Kent and Butler to that list above!


Beevers, Butler, Ward and Fergie.


Butler, Ward, Beevers, Kanu can go. Unfortunately a step up too far. Send Coventry back as well.


All of them need a kick up the backside to start playing like a Championship club.


My list: JCH, Beevers, Ward, Grant, Kent, Butler, Knight, Coventry. Bit of a worry actually that the list continues to grow.


Wouldn’t get rid of them, but was expecting more from JCH, Taylor and Coventry after all the fuss we made about him! To be fair to the others we all knew it was going to be a massive step up.


Dan Butler. There’s about five or six who realistically won’t ever be Championship level though!


Beevers does enough. Kent, Butler and Ward first names to leave followed by Coventry. Everyone else I’d keep.


Unless we stay in touch with the teams above, it won’t matter who leaves.


Coventry (big disappointment), JCH (looks overweight and has no mobility), Beevers (does try, but is past it).


If we continue to play out from the back then Beevers should leave.


I would still would give Ward, Kent and JCH the chance to prove themselves. Szmodics, Grant, Taylor need to step up.


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