The Peterborough United fans who have given up on their side: ‘Totally unacceptable, no fight, maybe try some attacking football, scrap the man-of-the-match award and change the manager.’

Peterborough United fans appear to have given on their side.

By Alan Swann
Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 12:30 pm
Posh goalkeeper Steven Benda of Peterborough United collects the ball against West Bromwich Albion. Photo: Joe

Aftare yesterday’s (January 22) 3-0 defeat at West Bromwich Albion, the PT asked fans to predict the bottom three in the Championship at the end of the season.

Only a couple of supporters who replied predicted would clamber out of trouble.

We also asked for a man-of-the-match from yesterday’s game. We didn’t ask for moans and groans, but we received plenty of them anyway!

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Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United battles with Jake Livermore of West Bromwich Albion. Photo: Joe Dent/

Season can still be saved. We should be adrift, but others are as bad. Time for a managerial change.


It was absolutely unacceptable what I saw today. Mumba was a wing back like Burrows, but played as a right-back. Nothing on right side of the pitch. JCH just does not work at all. Posh look scared to leave their own half in fear of conceding. No fight. Disgraceful.


That’s 13 away games done & with confidence you can say the Championship is a poor league this season. WBA were tepid today, but it doesn’t matter how bad other teams are, as Posh can’t even match that. It’s so frustrating as Posh won’t have a better year to stay up.


We were never ever going to win so bring back Barry Fry and start banging some goals in.


We never looked interested from day one in staying up! Summer recruitment told us all we needed to know. The current bottom three will go down.


Us, Barnsley and Reading will go down. Our fans were our men of the match.


It won’t be us in the bottom three so ain’t bothered who goes down, but today really upset me. We look ok passing out from the back in most games so why hoofball it? Felt embarrassed by it.


Who cares what the bottom three will be as we know we are down and getting ready for League One.


Bottom 3 already sorted. MOM is an award that should be scrapped this season.


Barnsley, Derby, Posh will go down. Edwards was playing very well (as usual) until he was forced off.


My prediction: 22nd Derby, 23rd Barnsley, Posh 24th. We should I not give up? The team have.


Derby, Posh, Barnsley to go down. MOM Posh fans.


Posh, Barnsley and Derby to be relegated. MOM - the fans.


Barnsley, Posh, Reading to go down. No MOM today.


People who deserve credit are Posh fans who went. It was always going to be tough this season as we haven’t got the budget to compete, but even so we should be much better than we have been. Recruitment has been poor and can’t really defend manager either.


Shambolic again. People giving it how big the step up is, yet Hull and Blackpool don’t seem to be doing too badly! Novel idea. Maybe we should try attacking.


Bottom 3 will be what it is now. Barnsley, Derby, Posh. It’s hard to pick a man of the match, but I’d give it to Benda.


Derby, Barnsley, Posh. MOM? Withhold it, no-one deserves it.


Posh, Barnsley, Reading to go down (Derby to escape). MOM no idea.


Derby, Posh, Barnsley to go down. MOM Kent.


Posh, Peterborough united and PUFC to be relegated.


Bottom three prediction: 22nd Reading, 23rd Posh, 24th Barnsley.


You should scrap the MOM until we actually win away.


To go down: Cardiff, Derby, Barnsley. Edwards (man of the match).


Derby, Barnsley and Posh will go down. Whatever Fergie is doing it ain’t working at all. Assistant coaches are done on the cheap when we need experience on the bench.


Barnsley, Posh, Reading to go down. MOM a tough one again, Will go Benda.


Reading, Posh, Barnsley to go down. MoM: Away fans.


Derby, Barnsley, Cardiff to go down. MOM Barry Fry for his emotional words on Jeff Astle.


Man of the match was JCH, because as soon as he left the field we conceded 3 goals.