Some Peterborough United fans are panicking after six games, but some are keeping the faith and why a ‘dodgy’ referee was man-of-the-match at Sheffield United

The Peterborough Telegraph invited Peterborough United fans to panic after yesterday’s 6-2 Championship drubbing at Sheffield United (September 11).

Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United in action with John Fleck of Sheffield United. Photo: Joe Dent/
Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United in action with John Fleck of Sheffield United. Photo: Joe Dent/

Some did and some didn’t as Posh tumbled to next-to-bottom in the table after a third straight away defeat.

Too early to panic. Look at Wycombe last season, look at Coventry, Luton and our last season in the Championship. It takes a few games to adjust to the levels required. The majority of the Sheffield Utd side played in the Premiership last year.


Jonson Clarke-Harris of Peterborough United scores a consolation goal from the penalty sport against Sheffield United. Photo: Joe Dent/

No panic just yet. That was a poor Premiership team against a very good League One team. Sheffield Utd will be top 6 and we will probably be bottom 6 in a super tough Championship.


Hate to say it as Fergie really is our king, but some of the game management I’ve seen from Posh so car this season has been dreadful and that comes from coaching and instruction. Too early to panic, yes, but maybe justified.


Promotion and relegation is not decided in the first 6 games of the season. Posh fans need to be patient.


Listened to the game and the repeated comment was about the amount of space Sheffield United were given out wide. Will always be a problem with a back 3 and Ward and Burrows as wing backs as neither can defend.


Absolutely no need to panic. We were outplayed. But there were some mitigating factors as well as just a bad day at the office. Season won’t be decided by Sheffield United away without 3 or 4 of our main players and a dodgy ref.


Unless we start defending we’re going down. Even end of last season we were dreadful at the back and have done nothing during summer transfer window to address the problem. Conceded almost 3 goals per game this season and that is guaranteed relegation. Strikers can’t cover that.


Well it’s difficult to name 3 worse teams in the league. Very poor transfer window, defensively inept, so yes…time to panic.


Not too early to panic for me. Not physical enough and teams will just continue to pick us off when we make mistakes. Sadly we are making too many of them. Sorry no MOM when you lose 6-2


Just 6 games in so can’t make assumptions for the end of the season yet. Need to replicate home form away fast as the change in performance home and away is massive. MOM Dembele.


Tactics all wrong for me. Josh Knight is quickly looking like a poor signing. Play 4 at the back and stop the playing out the back against teams that will high press.


MOM the referee for his full-time whistle putting us out of our misery.


Far too early to panic.


Anyone at the game, supporting either team, knows the referee was awful. Conor Coventry could’ve had a broken ankle after a tackle and nothing was given, 15 seconds later Ward and a Blades player go up for a header, Ward is stronger, foul given.


The worst part of the refereeing was the one foul he gave us wasn’t even a penalty! We would have lost regardless, but there was something strange going on today.


Trust the process, absolutely, but we may have missed out on spending the Randell money on a bigger forward and a bigger defender. We may do better against the giant teams, ironically.