REACTION: Posh fans on a blunt forward line, tactical naivety, set-piece sloppiness, a talented teenager, but ‘no man-of-the-match as we lost!’

Posh fans have been spoilt in recent weeks as their favourite team surged to the top of the League One table.

Sunday, 7th March 2021, 2:19 pm
Siriki Dembele of Peterborough United puts pressure on Jonny Smith of Burton Albion. Photo: Joe Dent/

But yesterday’s 2-1 defeat at struggling Burton Albion promped criticism of the players and the manager, but also plenty of praise for a teenage substitute.

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Posh just love the play-offs so did everything they did to make sure they will be in that position at the end of the season. A faltering performance without much spark. Man of the match for Siriki Dembélé for his trickery.

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Our final ball cost us dearly all match. but particularly when we were playing well, then two terrible defensive howlers killed us. JCH experiment failed badly, nobody took on his work so we were blunt up front. Subs not used early enough. Win on Tuesday and all is forgiven.


Good performance, but a lapse of concentration for five minutes cost us the game. MOM - Hamilton.


Was going to happen at some point! Move on! MOM Hamilton.


A very tired performance. The players have played out of their skins in recent weeks & months, but it looked as though fatigue had finally took hold. Need to make 3/4 changes for the next game to allow players to recover properly. Should have used more subs early on today. My MOM was Dembele. Tried so hard to make things happen and never stopped throughout. As lively as ever.


Massive opportunity missed. Hard work of six wins undone in last two games. Sorry but in good form or not we should be beating Burton. Haven’t twice now. No MOM, we lost.


Fergie got the selection wrong. Would have made changes to freshen things up. Bad day at the office. Not sharp enough in final third and a couple of rare errors at the back. Burton well organised but nothing special. Thought we would get a draw. MOM Hamilton.


Average performance. tactically naive from Ferguson. Burrows has shown his quality once again. MOM Dembele.


Start of our run for 7th? MoM Dembele.


Poor in the front third again. MOM Kent.


Sloppy at the back, poor crosses, bad day at the office. On to next one, big game is coming. Would like to see Burrows in 1st 11.


Fergie needs to start Burrows. At least he can cross a decent ball in the box. MOM me for paying 10 quid.


Not one bit of composure shown today.


Check how many times we have been successful from a set piece from how many attempts last season and this.

I am going 0.1%


Automatic promotion is still in our hands. The next few games will make or break our season, though. Tuesday is massive. Hull and Pompey back to back!


Poor performance. Nothing seemed to go right. Hopefully just a blip. Big game Tuesday. MOM (no clear standout) perhaps Hamilton.


Bad day at the office. MOM Bostwick.


Average performance against a very solid hard working side. Burton ran us off the pitch. We didn’t get bodies forward quick enough, as result often only had 1 or 2 players In the box, meaning they could break us down no issues.


Lacklustre. Taylor’s left a big hole, squad depth a concern. Naive both goals. 1) clear your lines & 2) challenge the opposition at corners - basics.

Posh look insipid at our own corners. Put it to bed & move on.


Final ball very poor. Burrows must start on Tuesday as we need to freshen things up. No panic though. MOM Dembele.