REACTION: Posh fans happy with the result against Sunderland, delighted with the captain’s performance, but less thrilled with goalkeeper Christy Pym

Peterborough United fans seemed happy on the whole with yesterday’s League One draw with Sunderland at the Weston Homes Stadium (April 5).

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 10:00 am
Mark Beevers in action for Posh against Sunderland. Photo: David Lowndes.

They were delighted with the contribution of skipper Mark Beevers in the 1-1 draw, but less happy with Christy Pym’s part in the Sunderland equaliser.

Posh should have won, but importantly did not lose. Good result for Hull and possibly Pompey and Blackpool. This division’s promotion race will still have twists and turns. MOM Beevers.


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Siriki Dembele celebrates his goal for Posh against Sunderland. Photo: Joe Dent/

Gave them too much respect at the start and should have finished them off after going in front. We should have had Dembele running at them from the start.

MM Beevers


Tough game, fair result, two more tight battles v Black Cats in Championship next season. MOM Thompson.


Slow start, grew into game. MOM Thompson just for that touch of class for goal. Pathetic foul to give away when you know McGeady is class from free kicks. Commentators delivered the worst performances: ‘great strike’ as it goes over and wide, ‘clever foul’ goal from the free kick.


Game of 2 halves, ref below average, Dembs upped the tempo. Fair result.


Draw felt inevitable. Sunderland’s first half, Posh’s second half. Good defensive performance. MOM Beevers who was outstanding.


Draw was fair. Not bad result. MOM Beevers.


2 points dropped in my opinion. MOM Beevers.


Sunderland better in possession, but Posh created clearer chances. MOM Beevers.


Needed to take those chances at 1-0, but overall am happy with a point. Beevers MOM.


Only started to play once we pressed. A cagey first half, but a good second. Silly mistake and a brilliant free kick cost us 2 points. MOM Beevers.


Thought the 2 sides cancelled each other out, nice to still be involved in the promotion race after an excellent 4 points over Easter. MOM Thompson.


Fair result and as not at our best take that. MOM Beevers.


Fair result. Pym is weak on free kicks. Beevers superb.


Fergie got tactics spot on with the starting line up and freshening it up when he did to create an impact. MOM Thompson for me. In a great position with an okay run in so there can be no excuses if we miss out!


Fair result but why do I feel deflated with the draw? MOM Beeevers.


Good point against a solid team. MOM has to be Beevers.


Would’ve been an unbelievable win, but point not to be sniffed at though! Beevers MOM


O’Nien MOM. Great point, result indecisive.


Created better chances after we went 1 up. MOM Thompson especially for the pass to Dembele for the goal.


Should’ve won, but a draw is a fair result. MOM Beevers.


No-one seemed to notice, but it was Mason’s fault for the free kick. Good performance otherwise with another awful refereeing display. I’m glad it didn’t effect the result. MOM Beevers.


Would have taken 4 points from the weekend. Long way to go still and today doesn’t define season. MOM Beevers.


Fair result, happy to not lose, still in the autos. Thompson MOM, but Beevers was superb in that first half.


Draw the right result. Beevers the best player on the pitch.


Sunderland not all that. We should have won after going 1 up. MOM Beevers.


Pym costs us again. MOM Beevers.


Pym is too small. MOM Beevers.


Pym can’t save free kicks.


Another keeper mistake has cost us. MOM Beevers.