Posh chairman has “never seen Darren Ferguson so angry” than after Fulham defeat

Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony has said that he has never seen Darren Ferguson so angry as after the defeat against Fulham on Saturday (November 6).

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 11th November 2021, 12:15 pm
Darren Ferguson. Photo: Joe Dent.

Posh put in an impressive performance against the side that currently sit in second in the table, creating more chances, hitting the woodwork on two occasions and creating a number of great one-on-one opportunities.

Jonson Clarke-Harris and Sammie Szmodics were the main two players that were guilty of not converting their chances but no one in the Posh side could find the breakthrough. They were then undone when Aleksandar Mitrovic was left unmarked in the box to score a free header and seal a 1-0 win.

Ferguson was very downbeat after the game and commented that it was a “rubbish result” and that it was the most disappointed he had felt all season.

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Speaking on his Hard Truth podcast, MacAnthony revealed that, when he spoke to Ferguson after the game, he was the agnriest that he had ever seen him.

He said: “I’ve never seen me manager so angry after a game. He was an angry man at full time; he was angry with our defenders for letting that goal in and he was angry that everybody was going to talk about how good we were, but we didn’t get anything out of the game’

“He even said that somebody from their bench came over and said well done at full time and it’s like for what? I expected to win this game and I like that about my manager. He’s irritated and angry because you don’t get any prizes for losing football matches.

“Whilst it was a very good performance and it was spirited, zero was the accumulation of points and we had a poor week at home with one point out of two games, when we really should have had minimum of four or even six.

“Our defenders need to start looking themselves in the mirror and ask themselves, how does the leading scorer in the Championship find himself on his own five yards from goal for a cross? He’s not the most mobile centre forward.

“That’s happening too often from experienced defenders and that can’t happen anymore. Some of those defenders need to come out of the international break with their own minds reset.”