Peterborough United latest: ‘If some teams don’t play now they might never play again,’ ‘asking clubs to decide is like asking kids if they want to go back to school,’ ‘The virus won’t go away just because the 2019-20 season is ended’

The immediate future of Peterborough United and the rest of League One has been debated fiercely in recent weeks.
Fleetwood Town manager  Joey Barton.Fleetwood Town manager  Joey Barton.
Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton.

Here are a selection of twitter comments from fans of Posh and other clubs, journalists and even Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton.

‘The prem down to step 5 or 6 at non-league level should have been stopped and then resumed in January 21. Then it’s the Euros and then a full season from Aug 21. All with fans in stadiums.’


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‘Why cancel a season 3/4 of the way through when we know next season will be impacted and have no idea what it will even will look like?’


‘Void next season and finish this season off at their leisure with crowds in the grounds! More than likely will be another lockdown at some point so why the rush?’


‘The Posh plan to wait as long as possible may pay off, as if by December there are only 6 clubs left in business in L1 then a play off spot is guaranteed’

@coughcat (Oxford)

‘A lot will have changed by September. Vaccine or medication will be further on, immunity will be stronger, test and trace will be sorted. It is changing weekly so end this season and allow clubs to reset and start anew.’

@LancsIron (Scunthorpe)

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‘Teams probably want to get finances in place. The risk in September is likely to be a whole lot lower. The longer this delay goes on, the longer players need for match fitness work.’

@Scott_Lymath (Coventry)

‘If we get a second coronavirus wave we end up with two seasons messed up. One of the few ways clubs can improve finances is to finish the season at no additional cost and then sell their crown jewels.’


‘Promote teams with plays offs if possible, but no relegation and just relegate more teams the following season. It’s not foolproof, but what is? It would be accepted by 95% of teams.’

@deanallum (Southend).

‘I’d happily finish as we are by far the best team in the league.’

@JackCCFC10 (Coventry)

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‘Villa last season after 34 games were 12 points off the play-offs and managed to win them! Yet if it went to PPG last season they wouldn’t have finished top 10!’


‘I’m not convinced all of the problems relating to getting games played again are being fully realised or considered. Every suggestion, every theory, throws up more ‘what ifs?’ All clubs want to play now, all fans want to watch them play, in a perfect world. Whether it’s safe to do so, or it’s financially, contractually and logistically feasible to do so are other matters.’

@CCrawfordDT (Burton)

‘The EFL need a backbone.’


‘If clubs can’t afford the stated £100-300k to get testing and games going how do they expect their situation to change finance-wise? Keep the players on furlough till autumn and make tiny profit from merchandise? The only way for them to improve is to play on.’


‘Most clubs say they can’t afford to play behind closed doors. That being the case, its going to be a while before they can afford to play as crowds aren’t coming back anytime soon. For some, if they don’t play now, they may never play again.’


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‘No club seems to be talking about this from the point of view of their season ticket holders. If this season is voided and then the next one is disrupted how many ST holders will turn their backs on football and not waste time renewing a third time?’


‘They’ll all be clambering to get back playing once the furlough scheme stops in October.’


‘If clubs need fans for income then in reality we won’t be playing until Nov/Dec at the earliest. One bit of bad weather would then make next season unworkable. Finish this one and then have a tournament to maintain income.’


‘Just relegate the three promoted teams from the Championshp without a ball being kicked at all next season because the probability says they are the most likely to be relegated?’


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‘Clubs say they don’t want to play now, but what happens in three months if situation is still largely the same? There will never be an environment when it is risk-free unless there’s a vaccine which could take years.’

@LeighCurtis_NP (Notts C)

‘These clubs moaning that they don’t want to play meaningless games - they do that anyway and they are contracted to do so. What next the league takes them to court for failing to fulfil their fixtures? Just void the whole thing, The games in Germany behind closed doors at the weekend were painful’


‘The virus won’t just disappear because the 2019-20 season is called off.’


‘Whatever is decided for this season will be the precedent for next season. Owners are backing themselves into a corner.’


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League One logic: Current Places = Autos - Hang on, keep quiet and we could be in luck here! Play-offs or near them. Na we wanna finish this. Mid-table or safe - Na can’t be bothered. Relegation threatened - Refuse to play, Keep quiet and we may be safe here!’


‘Now is the perfect time to test the waters. Flu hospitalisations are at the lowest point they’ll be all year. The virus doesn’t survive long outdoors. Waiting until September will be a disaster. Nothing much is going to change in 4 months.’


‘A league table doesn’t lie after so many games.’

@rogerthedodge2 (Coventry)

‘Rotherham have one of the hardest run-ins so why are they going up now?’


‘It’s just really bad luck for us. We’d have made the play-offs and have a good chance of going up. If season isn’t finished you have to promote top 3 though.’


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‘You can’t just change the format of the league to suit 6 teams. 2 go up. 4 in playoffs. That’s the way the league runs.’

@StutheMillerman (Rotherham)

‘Who the opponent is makes a big difference, as does current form, and anomalies such as Bolton’s early season squad. Points per game would need adjusting for a lot more than just home and away before PPG became even close to valid.’


‘Statistically home and away makes a difference to a team’s results, so surely it should be taken into account when working out PPG. It’s scandalous if not and I’ll wash my hands with football altogether if it goes ahead.’


‘The lack of leadership from the EFL has created a minefield. They should stick with their main purpose to oversee the delivery of every game. Respect that >75% of games have been played and play the outstanding matches.


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‘Why are EFL letting leagues act as if they are completely separate entities who happen to do the same thing? It’s not like Starbucks and Costa. Have they not twigged promotion/relegation connects them?’


‘If professional sport is allowed June 1 then teams with 10 left can play Monday/Thursday/Sunday the first week and then everyone else can play Wednesday/Sunday or Tuesday/Saturday until June 30. No play-offs and 3rd goes straight up for one season only.


‘Why are the EFL incapable of making decisions? It’s been like asking kids if they want to go back to school!’


‘EFL have screwed up. It all started with allowing Bolton to remain in the league, then change squad when allowed to buy players, so drastically affecting results and goal difference. Wycombe would not get a point from their game in hand at Coventry.’


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‘Stupid for a governing body to try & farm out the governance & decision-making to their subscribers in such circumstances. Too many are seeing this as an opportunity for self-interest.’


‘I don’t get the argument with home and away games. League tables have never previously given any more points for away victories.’

@ianbakersport (Wycombe)

‘Sadly this could be the difference between me renewing my season ticket or not.’


‘There is no logic. Enough of the season has been played for clubs to be promoted but Stevenage chairman claiming they can’t be relegated.’


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‘EFL will have to have a compromise given how tight it is between 3rd-8th in League One.They should consider 6-team play-offs presuming season doesn’t finish,


‘Our national game and we can not get a sensible solution to a serious issue from our pro clubs and leagues. Whatever people’s thoughts the senior people running the league need to do what they are paid for & make decisions, good or bad!’


‘The only players/clubs who don’t want to go back, are the ones with either a relegation battle they want to avoid or nothing to play for. Every competitor wants to compete. Players have trained admirably through these crazy times, they deserve at least a shot. Our players and staff are ready to get back and finish the season we started in August.

Let’s crack on.

@Joey7Barton (Fleetwood).