Peterborough United have a 10-year plan to reach the Premier League!

Dr Jason NealeDr Jason Neale
Dr Jason Neale
Co-owner Dr Jason Neale has revealed an ambitious aim to get Peterborough United into the Premier League within 10 years.

Dr Neale believes Posh can emulate the likes of Burnley and Bournemouth and reach the top-flight despite a modest-sized fanbase.

Dr Neale and business partner Stewart ‘Randy’ Thompson joined forces with long-term Posh owner Darragh MacAnthony just over 12 months ago.

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They are experts in helping businesses grow and Dr Neale has been heavily involved in negotiations to purchase the ABAX Stadium ground back from Peterborough City Council.

“The owners have been working on a 10-year plan which involves the club reaching the Premier League,” Dr Neale said.

“If we can build the fanbase and also generate plenty of secondary income that isn’t reliant on how the team is doing it can be done.

“There are several teams in the current Premier League who are not historically top-flight regulars and the perfect models for us are Bournemouth and Burnley.

“It’s an ambitious plan, but why not aim high? Darragh is enthusiastic and one benefit of the plan is it means he is not likely to be going anywhere soon!”