Peterborough United fans want their next manager to be anyone from Gaby Zakuani to Sam Allardyce, from Neil Warnock to Roy Keane, from Grant McCann to the current Cambridge United boss!

Peterborough United fans had a wide range of views as to who to appoint as manager of the club in succession to Darren Ferguson.
Neil Warnock. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty IMages.Neil Warnock. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty IMages.
Neil Warnock. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty IMages.

Fifteen different managers were nominated here with Neil Warnock just pipping Cambridge boss Mark Bonner as the most popular choice.

All replies to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter...

Gabriel Zakuani is the man for the job & the Posh fans would love it.

Mark Bonner. Photo: Pete Norton/Getty Images.Mark Bonner. Photo: Pete Norton/Getty Images.
Mark Bonner. Photo: Pete Norton/Getty Images.


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If the target is to stay up it has to be Neil Warnock until the end of the season, and reassess from there. Ironically, if we go down, the outstanding candidate to get us back up is.......Darren Ferguson.


Darren Ferguson behaved very honourably by giving the club a (small admittedly) chance of still staying up. We should respect that by choosing the best candidate to make that happen with a contract until the end of the season. Then re-run the selection process.

Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images.Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images.
Roy Keane. Photo: Getty Images.


When the ‘Fergie Out’ fans realise the only thing worse than the current manager are all the potential people to replace him.


Warnock til the end of the season and if we stay up he gets a one year deal. Mark Bonner if we go down.

Sam Allardyce. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images.Sam Allardyce. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images.
Sam Allardyce. Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images.


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Nothing will save this season so we need someone who can rebuild and understands the ambitions long term. I don’t think any of the names banded about are realistic.


If there is any chance of persuading Neil Warnock then we should go and get him.


What about Michael Dawson? Knows the league. Got his coaching badges. Different approach. Enthusiasm. Looking to get his first managerial job. But we may need a different approach. Perhaps a foreign coach in the style of Farke or Silva. Not sure why Evans or McCann would be interested in a 15 game appointment.


Appointing Neil Warnock would be a serious statement of intent.


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Steve Evans is a touchline embarrassment and I think Darragh found it difficult to work with him last time round. Can see Grant McCann, but I think they need to go for proven in that league like Neil Warnock.


Joey Barton is doing well with Bristol Rovers....I suspect McCann will be 1st choice.




Rob Edwards all day! What he is doing at Forest Green is unreal and if we are destined for relegation then he would be in league One anyway, but with a much better squad! Second choice would be Bonner or Michael Duff, but dont know how a Cambridge manager would go down with the fans.


I would go for Duff or Bonner. A fresh new face at the helm for me.


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Bonner. Mid-table in League One at Cambridge on free transfers. Need a fresh start. None of this McCann and Evans nonsense.


Rob Edwards looks like he could be worth a go. Experience with youth and lower budgets. Championship could be a big step for him, but would fancy him in League One.


Lee Johnson for me or Mark Bonner.


Would love Roy Keane. but 2 hot-headed Irishmen trying to do the same never going to happen.


Appoint Steve Evans with Jason Naismith as his assistant!


I would try and get a permanent manager now rather than in the summer when we need to be recruiting players from day one. I can see a lot of players leaving. I can’t see us paying compensation so McCann must be in with a good shout.


Grant McCann.


Not Evans, not Warnock


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Warnock for me if we could persuade him or Chris Hughton. One of those two would hopefully inject the fight back into the players and motivate them to an unlikely survival.


It wouldn’t surprise me, after listening to the love they had for each other on the ‘Hard Truth’ podcast, if Darragh brings in Steve Evans for the rest of the season.


Sam Allardyce, interim manager to keep us up.


The trouble is Darragh only seems to be able to work with Fergie so whoever takes over is going to find it difficult.


Darragh likes ex-Rochdale boss Brian Barry-Murphy.