Peterborough United fans split over controversial Mason signing

Peterborough United fans appear to be split over the controversial signing of right-back Niall Mason today (June 7).

Friday, 7th June 2019, 12:24 pm
Niall Mason.

@PTAlanSwann asked on Twitter whether or not Posh should have signed the 22 year-old following his admission of sexual assault earlier this year. He was sacked by DEoncaster Rovers after receiving a six-month sentence, suspended for two years.

Here are a selection of your views.

Doesn’t really fit with our desire and the great work done so far to make posh a family club.

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If you listen to his interview it suggests guilty plea was advised to maybe give lighter sentence? Either way it’s a risky signing, especially with so many opinionated fans, but time will tell. Hopefully it proves to be a success for Posh and player himself.


People have to be able to work again/get second chances. Donny were right to sack him and if it happens again he won’t find another club. Up to him sort himself out, but no problem with it.


Sorry but committing certain crimes means you shouldn’t be a professional footballer. Harsh I know but what am I going to tell my daughter when the opposition taunt him?


No-one is condoning what he did, but he was young and it’s good we’re a club trying to give him a second chance.


He needs to resume his profession! Do people expect him to live on benefits for the rest of his life? He will be in a pretty controlled environment and hss hopefully learned his lesson.


Should a person never work again?


This is an odd signing when the chairman has often ruled out signings of players like Ched Evans for the same reason.


Would depend on what he actually did? From reading, it was not nice, but minor compared to some things you’d call sexual assault, so yes second chance. If he gets his head down and works hard and keeps his nose clean, then redemption.


So are we saying he should never play football again? Obviously Darren Ferguson knows him, and no transfer fee so worth a chance.


Let’s see what other fans have to say when the season starts. It’s embarrassing having him at our club. We might as well sign Adam Johnson while we’re at it. I don’t want him at the club.


Deserves a second (final) chance. I hope he has learned his lesson & it can be Posh who benefit.


I’m glad we are a club who are willing to give players like this a second chance, especially a young lad like Mason.


Not gonna lie I’m uneasy about it.


Think they’ll regret this, not good publicity for the club.