Peterborough United fans play the blame game: ‘Bad coaching, owners doing it on the cheap, and the players clearly aren’t good enough, apart from Ronnie Edwards and Siriki Dembele’

Peterborough United fans are currently playing the blame game as their club slides towards an immediate return to League One.

By Alan Swann
Sunday, 5th December 2021, 7:27 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th December 2021, 7:27 pm
Ronnie Edwards of Peterborough United in action with Lewis Grabban of Nottingham Forest. Photo: Joe Dent/
Ronnie Edwards of Peterborough United in action with Lewis Grabban of Nottingham Forest. Photo: Joe Dent/

The owners, the manager, the players - no-one was spared, apart from teenage defender Ronnie Edwards - from the lastest set of angry and frustrated twitter comments following the 2-0 Championship defeat at Nottingham Forest.

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If Dembele scores it might been a different game, but Posh rarely threatened the goal. JCH really offered very little. We need more mobile players in the Championship and he barely moves.

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Siriki Dembele in action against Joe Worrall of Nottingham Forest. Photo: Joe Dent/


Not even sure the players are trusting the process anymore. Edwards MOM.


Same old away performance yet again. MOM: The fans who turn up, and once again go home with nothing.


Played okay first half then Forest decided to try and cruised to victory. At least in League One we might get to so see some goals for all the travelling/money spent so bring it on. MOM Dembele, missed a sitter, but the only bright spark as usual going forward.


0-0 away on 71 mins, Knight in the opposition box from free play, 72 mins 1-0 to Forest because it’s 2 against 1 in our box. That is not an individual error, that is bad coaching, and 1-0 might as well be 10-0 with our attacking. Not a Fergie hater but…


Manager needs to manage and board need to spend. If not sell Dembele in the January transfer window.

MOM Edwards.


Confidence clearly shattered, thought we did ok for an hour, need a break. MOM Edwards


Still wet through after another away game with no points. Birmingham may be my last away game this season as it’s no fun any more watching a team you know can’t score a goal. 10 away games without a win and no goals in five might so just be a flexi ticket next season.


Disappointed, but not surprised. Want to see more attacking intent. If we go down at least go down swinging.


Out of our depth. Need a proper striker. A JCB would be better than JCH.


One day all will be well again - just doesn’t feel like it now.


Tried hard, clearly not good enough, Dembele only creative player! Ronnie Edwards MOM.


Manager too cautious with his subs. Lacked pace and creativity going forward. Same old story this season.

MOM Edwards (again).


Not to sure what matches/players Fergie is watching at times. Very poor player recruitment in the summer is coming back to bite us. Getting ready for another League One season.


MOM Grant for me. Made some good passes.


Thought we edged first half, but didn’t score. Second half familiar tale. Oppo up the press and we can’t cope. MOM Edwards.


Good first hour, but missed chances then normal service resumed. MOM Edwards.


Played some great stuff first half, missed our chances and can’t hang on in a game after conceding 1st goal.


Out of their depth. League 1/2 and conference players trying to compete in toughest league in the world due to owners trying to do it on the cheap. MOM: The fans.


Worked hard, lack quality, going down. MOM Edwards, he really is a talent.


Being realistic we are going down. We are a yo-yo team. Will happen for years to come unless we buy experienced Championship quality. Simply not good enough.


Final ball poor. Second half predictably bad. MOM Edwards.


Poor again, but never really expected to win. MOM Hooters.