Peterborough United fans on Steven Benda, Ronnie Edwards and the need to sign new defenders, plus some outrageous claims re players' wages!

Peterborough United fans have never been short of an opinion, especially on Twitter.

By Alan Swann
Friday, 3rd June 2022, 11:22 am
Dan Butler in action for Posh.
Dan Butler in action for Posh.

Here they are criticising the club’s failure to try and sign goalkeeper Steven Benda from Swansea and on abandoning the search for new defenders for the 2022-23 campaign, although others are in agreement with the Posh transfer policy for the summer.

Some fans believe they have inside knowledge on how much certain players are earning!

All comments to @PTAlanSwann...

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Steven Benda.

On refusing to make a bid for Steven Benda...

So we want a fee for a keeper (Christy Pym) but, won’t pay a fee for a keeper?


Doesn't sound like they want to spend much to win promotion for the upcoming season.


They won't spend money on a keeper they can't sell for millions and they are few and far between. Its all about sell on values.


500k for Steven Benda is a steal. We definitely have 500k so why are they so reluctant to sign him? I understand they’re trying to do stuff off the pitch as well as on it, but surely at some point they need to invest in a decent goalkeeper we haven’t had one in years. We have beevers on like £6-7 grand a week so once we sell him surely we can afford Benda then?


We got a million just for toney staying up. Makes no sense why we aren’t going after him. Can play this level and the one above.


Benda is on £4,600 a week. It is a lot for a ‘keeper, but still should be affordable.


On rejecting a reported £2 million bid for Ronnie Edwards...

Two million? You can’t buy a decent goalkeeper for that!


Another Premiership club wanting a player on the cheap.


Think they are hoping to sell Ronnie then loan him back?


On not chasing any new defenders…

Defenders should be the first thing we are chasing. We leaked 87 goals last season. Massive mistake imo.


People forgetting how weak we were with Butler in the side and Burrows not a natural fullback.


We had the 4th best defensive record in League One in 2020-21. That is not defensively weak.


Posh don’t need defenders. The same defenders got Posh promoted two seasons ago. GK - yes as there isn’t one currently.


Need another RB. Thompson will be out injured at some stage. Mensah is untried and another with a poor injury record. Only really leaves Ward who can play WBm but not RB. I expect McCann to play most games with a flat back 4 . Leaves us at risk. If Beevers and Edwards go.


After conceding so many goals last season I would have thought that a couple of good defenders and a goalkeeper would have been a priority.


As it stands with Ronnie still at the club we have 4 CBs, 4 that can play RB and 3 that can play LB. I'd say we are fine unless someone is sold.