Peterborough United fans have their say on Darren Ferguson's future and on the 2022-23 season as a whole.

These Peterborough United fans are split down the middle on whether or not Darren Ferguson should manage the club in the 2023-24 season.
Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson at Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/ United manager Darren Ferguson at Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/
Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson at Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/

After the heartbreaking loss at Hillsborough on Thursday night, the PT asked 1) whether or not you want Darren Ferguson to stay on as manager and 2) to rate the season out of 10.

Of the first 50 replies 26 said ‘Fergie in’ and 24 said ‘Fergie out,’ although emotions were still raw when the survey was conducted less than 24 hours after Posh had thrown away a 4-0 first leg lead in a play-off semi-final against Sheffield Wednesday.

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The average mark for the seasons as a whole was 6.72/10 with marks ranging from 4/10 to 9/10.

Hector Kyprianou of Peterborough United battles with Barry Bannan of Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/ Kyprianou of Peterborough United battles with Barry Bannan of Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/
Hector Kyprianou of Peterborough United battles with Barry Bannan of Sheffield Wednesday. Photo: Joe Dent/

Here is a bumper selection of comments on Ferguson's future and on the season as a whole.

All replies to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter….

1) Fergie In. Thursday night Fergie got everything wrong while Darren Moore got everything right. But form since DF returned has been decent enough. 2) 5/10 I'm being kind. Play offs put a shiny sheen on a poor season. We've looked very very League 1, and at times seemed disinterested (Camb U away) -@TalkSPORTDrive

1)Fergie in, but he has to be backed with rebuild. I don't actually think he will stay. Lord knows who we will get in his place. 2) 7/10, It was a tough division and we did well to finish 6th. 17 defeats tell you that there was however much room for improvement – @CHAMM24

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1) Fergie in need stability next season. 2) We did get to playoffs so 7/10 – @jimhicksuk

1) Fergie In and a strong 9/10, looked down and out in February, but gave us a play-off game to look forward to. The amazing thing about football is there’s always next year to look forward to! – @aarondundas95

1) Fergie out. Mostly for him as the club and him have been through too much in a short space of time. We need a refresh so does he probably. 2) 6.5/10 - bad season giving expectations however miracle job by Fergie even to get us in the top 6 – @MattyAllan96.

1) Fergie in. Continuity in developing young players is going to be key based on who I expect to lose in the summer. 2) 6/10 The potential was there but consistency wasn't. The two matches against Wednesday summed up the season perfectly. Too much like Jekyll and Hyde – @ChrisHurst2

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1) Fergie in. Proven manager, second half of the season is why we got into play-offs. 2) 7/10 we've had lows, but we've had highs too – @mattmecham

1) Fergie in. 2) 6/10 - A number of our young players who looked decent in the Championship haven't kicked on this year like we thought they would. EMC though, what a signing. – @jwm6

History shows when it goes wrong, it hits Fergie hard who himself finds it difficult to recover and instantly bounce back. He tends to walk when this happens so I can’t see anything other than history repeating itself. Shame if he does leave and I’ve no idea who will be next – @thebeakerbro

1) Fergie out...fresh start needed. 2) Pre Fergie 6/10....Fergie time 7.5/10. – @poshskin1105

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1) Fergie out 2) Based on start of season expectations 7/10, but by February time 8.5/10 – @willpufc

1) Fergie in 2) 6.5/10 – @TOPCAT8787

1) Fergie in, 2) 5/10 - Pretty lucky to get in the playoffs. A poor season with a couple of bright spots – @benharper87

1) Fergie in. 2) 8/10 Delivered much higher than my expectations. – @beckyBoro

1) Fergie in - if we want to get out this league he is the most successful manager there is at doing so. 2) 6.5/10 - it was a 6 then Barnsley and Friday night lifted it to a 7.5, but Thursday night dropped it back again – @Nomorethemug

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1) Fergie in. Give him time and money for a rebuild with the team. 2) 7/10, three or 4 top L1 players, but the squad isn’t good enough for promotion - @pufc_mark

1) Reluctantly Fergie out. It’s another Palace moment and he needs to learn from then. 2) 7/10 - we ended up where we should have done really. End of an era though I think – @romysdad

1) Fergie out. As if there's a debate. 2) 4/10. Ultimately it ended in failure – @DayPaul84

1) Fergie out, but only because we need a complete refresh, I do think he’s a good L1 manager. Like others I would welcome him in a position elsewhere in the club. 2) 6/10, 8/10 if Jonno made that clearance – @callie__moss

1) Fergie out time to move on. 2) 7/10. – @BiddleGrant

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1) Fergie out - although I think it would be warmly greeted if he moved upstairs in some capacity. 2) 6/10. Total reset required. Fresh faces, fresh ideas – @eamonnduff

1) Fergie out, given he can't prepare jis team to defend a 4-0 lead. 2) 6/10, time for a root and branch overhaul not reappointing the same people over and over – @MyJakedog13

1) Fergie most definitely IN! Season under Grant 5/10. Under Fergie 8/10 – @derren_cooper

1) Fergie out. Time for a new chapter at the club. 2) 6/10. Achieved play offs even though we didn’t deserve it. Last night was like the Posh from most of this season – @Kyle_Irving19

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1) Fergie in. 2) 6/10 - if you look at the teams above us in terms of stature, we’ve done ok – @imtomhutch

1) Fergie in. 2) 8/10 It was heartbreak at the end, but in sport sometimes you witness a live occasion that, even though you are on the painful end, the drama and atmosphere of it will be remembered for life, hope Fergie stays not sure he will – @buckrodgersposh

1) Fergie in if he wants to. 2) Pre Fergie 5/10 post Fergie 7/10 accentuate the positive – @nigecornwell58

1) Fergie In. 2) First half of season 5/10. Second half 7/10 – @cappermike

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1) Fergie out - have to restart with someone completely new. 2) 6/10 – @shooter1981

1) Fergie out. Think we need new ideas into the club 2) 6/10 – @Rutlandspinner

1) Fergie 100% out. 2) 5/10 – @Luke_crowson21

1) Fergie In. Very disappointing night, but young players will improve. 2) Play-offs achieved narrowly missed the final 6.5/10, but next season, if selling players to pay off debts, will be even more difficult – @manofledger

1) Fergie out. 2) 6/10, play-offs a good return given the quality of the teams at the top of the table and our lack of depth outside the first XI. But in general it hasn't been a very exciting watch, very few really entertaining matches, and that's even before the debacle last night – @NeilJHubbard

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1) Fergie in (if he has the inner drive to go again). 2) 6.5/10 – @martyntiney

1) Fergie In - rebuild needed with academy players and he’s our best option for coaching and improving young players. Hell of a turnaround since he came in - 100% in although don’t think he’ll want it. 2) 7/10 – @WoolleyCraig

1) Fergie in. But he needs full control and a proper plan that the owners buy into. DMac has to stop buying players, having any influence on the team and keep quiet on social media, none of it helps. 2) 6/10 for the season because there were too many bad games. Lost 18 games - @stevrodz

1) Totally Fergie out as been here before 4 times. 2) 6/10 inconsistent all season last night just shows this – @theperkins

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1) Fergie In (unless he has a personal hangover a la Palace). 2) 6/10 - done well to make play offs in hardest L1 there’s been in a while and especially to finish above Derby, but first leg of semi proved in itself we have a team capable of a higher level which will now likely break up. – @Matt_Evetts

1) 100% Fergie out. We simply HAVE to move on (don’t forget the mainstream media ridiculed us when he came back again - for a reason), 2. 6/10. Far too inconsistent & certainly didn’t deserve to go up – @Festive_50

1) Fergie out. 2) 5/10, play offs were an acceptable finish, but it's been a pretty average year (aside from last two weeks) and Thursday night was nothing short of a disgrace - @JohnVerrall

1) Fergie in 2) 6/10, we ended up in the play-offs with the big boys, although Thursday night was a joke we went toe to toe with a team that can get crowds of 30k, and can pay players 20k+ – @3TeamTonyBez

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1) Fergie out time for something new and rebuild 2? 6/10 from top to bottom need to give their heads a wobble and sort out both on field and off field problems – @AdyBarnett

1) Fergie out - just want something new at the club. 2) 5/10 - bang average overall. – @AlexBatt

1) Absolutely Fergie out 2) 6.5/10 (the .5 because by a miracle managed to salvage a playoff spot) – @JonnyFeltell

1) Fergie out and bring in Critchley! 2) 6/10 – @William5001

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1) Fergie in, but only just. We should give him a full season and he needs backing to make it happen, if he fails next season then out 2) 5/10 emotional rollercoaster as always but the end results well below par – @BritCupofTea

1) Fergie out, but only just. Think the players have let him down a lot. 2) 6/10 specialists in being consistently inconsistent – @SteveDilley1

1) Fergie in. Got us in the play offs. Give him the opportunity to rebuild starting with 2 decent full backs! 2) 7/10 – @alanposh

1) Fergie In 100% a whole season under him and some good signings we should be able to push for atleast a comfortable play-off spot. 2) 6/10 some great performances, but we also had some shockers as well – @TerrydClark32