Peterborough United fans and their highs and lows from the 2021-22 Championship season

Peterborough United fans have nominated their high points (not getting hammered by Man City) and low moments (making Hull City look line Brazil 1970) from the 2021-22 season.

By Alan Swann
Monday, 9th May 2022, 12:00 pm
Siriki Dembele celebrates his late winning goal for Posh against Derby in August.

All comments to @PTAlanSwann on Twitter.

High: QPR away

Low: Reading at home. It wasn’t a bad performance, but as that final whistle went a lot of my belief in staying up evaporated.

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High: Ronnie Edwards

Low: Chairman disparaging local media following relegation


High: QPR away with my Posh family

Low: Sheffield Utd away was so disappointing ... fear of things to come.


High: Emergence of Edwards, Burrows and potentially RJJ as Championship level players

Low: The number of 90+min goals conceded that have probably cost us survival. Hold on against Birmingham away and Cardiff home and we're level with Reading.


High: Beating QPR three times.

Low: Injuries to key players.


High: Ronnie Edwards

Low: Preston (A) (Top of a very, very long list!).


High: Before kick off away at Luton

Low: Full time away at Luton.


High: Beating Birmingham at home 3-0.

Low: Birmingham away 2-0 up with 5 to play and drawing 2-2 felt like a defeat.


High: The away days at some amazing stadiums with history.

Low: Some of the friction between some fans and owners.


High: Good days out with friends

Low: The football.


High: Beating Blackpool 5-0

Low: Fans turning on our excellent owners.


High: QPR at home in the league, actually thought we were going to kick on!

Low: Cardiff away, confirmed that we were heading for relegation!


High: Ronnie Edwards

Low: So many gutless, clueless away shows before Fergie fell on his sword.


High: Dembele’s winner against Derby.

Low: ‘That’ free-kick away at Cardiff where nobody knew what to do.


High: Fergie going

Low: Fergie still here at Christmas.


High: Highlight: Grant McCann’s’ reappointment.

Low: Too many poor away days; Luton, Swansea, Cardiff, Coventry, etc, etc.


High: Posh fans’ support despite the season we've had.

Low: Losing our identity and coming away from the attacking philosophy that's done us well before.


High: Seeing Man City come to London Road and a good Posh performance

Low: Birmingham away. It was then I realised we were definitely going down.


High: Not getting battered by City in the cup.

Low: League performances in general.


High: Blackpool at home

Low: Sheffield Utd away (although there are many to choose from)!


High: Derby at home

Low: Derby away when it became reality we were down.


High: Last minute winner v Derby

Low: Home defeat to Hull. We made them look like Brazil from the 70's