Peterborough United chief has a dream of 12-14k gates and self-sufficiency

Peterborough United co-owner Darragh MacAnthony dreams of making his club self sufficient.
How the new Posh stadium could look.How the new Posh stadium could look.
How the new Posh stadium could look.

And the proposed new Posh stadium will be key to making that dream a reality.

Posh have confirmed work on the new stadium site on the Embankment has re-started following a pandemic-forced break and that 2023 is the favoured completion date.

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MacAnthony said: “Lots of people have moved into the city in recent years and I want them to get their football experience with us.

“We want to drive the home crowds up to 12-14k from the 7-8k we get now.

“The new stadium will offer an enjoyable experience. We will have nice toilets and nice restaurants.

“It won’t just be a venue for 23 football matches every year though. It will be a business offering regular events.

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“Me and my partners want the club to become self sufficient. That would be a huge thing for a club like ours.”

Posh are close to completing the purchase of the current London Road stadium from Peterborough City Council. Posh will then save £500k a year in rent while the new stadium is built.