Peterborough United chairman blasts the hypocrites in football and in the media who will be attending the World Cup Finals in Qatar

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has accused footballers, officials and journalists who will travel to Qatar for the World Cup later this year, despite moaning about atrocities in the host country, of hypocrisy.

By Alan Swann
Thursday, 7th April 2022, 8:47 am
Darragh MacAnthony.
Darragh MacAnthony.

MacAnthony used his popular ‘Hard Truth’ podcast to say he was bored of virtue signalling.

“It amuses me to see journalists, and some of them are great fans of mine, writing articles about how disgusting the atrocities are in Qatar regarding homosexuality and how the stadiums were built,” MacAnthony said. “But those same people will take their first-class air tickets and five-star hotel rooms and sit in their comfy press seat and watch all the games. How is that helping? It’s just hypocrisy in my opinion.

“If they are seriously disgusted why don’t the journalists get together and agree en bloc not to go?

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“I listened to Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane talking about it, but if they are seriously appalled by what goes on out there they should make a real statement and boycott the tournament.

“What a statement it would be if an England manager said he was delighted his players had qualified, but that he was going to sit out the tournament. Nothing else will make a difference. It’s all just virtue signalling and I’m bored of it to be honest. Either pull our or just shut up and stop talking about it.”