Peterborough United boss believes his players are getting to grips with Championship football, but they must maintain current standards for a lot longer

Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson believes his players have finally got to grips with Championshop football.

Posh boss Darren Ferguson during the win over QPR last weekend. Photo: Joe Dent/
Posh boss Darren Ferguson during the win over QPR last weekend. Photo: Joe Dent/

Back-to-back wins have moved Posh five points clear of the relegation zone ahead of a tough trip to Swansea City tomorrow (October 23, 3pm).

But Ferguson has stressed the need for even greater consistency in a division where fortunes can change quickly.

“We’ve picked up two excellent results in a row, but that means nothing just yet,” Ferguson said. “Consitency over a longer period is the key and the players understand that.

Swansea manager Russell Martin (right) in his days as a Posh player.

“There has been improvement and plenty to be encouraged about. We had to stop making the same mistakes.

“We are now focusing on what we’ve done well in the last two games in order to make sure we keep doing the same things. That means not panicking when we’ve had a setback.

“We had to stop giving ourselves a mountain to climb away from home and we did that in our last game at Hull.

“Hull equalised in that game and we didn’t let it affect us. QPR took the lead against us in our last game and we didn’t let that affect us either.

“We certainly won’t see our full potential if we don’t play with freedom. The players always get to play with freedom for me as long as they do it in the right areas and from within our structure. The decision-making of the players was excellent against QPR and we need to see more of that. We created lots of chances in that game.

“It’s a differnt challenge tomorrow against a very good Swansea side. When (Swansea manager) Russell Martin played for me I always thought he could become a good manager and he’s been given a great opportunity at Swansea.

“They were on a very good run until losing (at Birmingham) last week, but I’ve seen that game and they could easily have won.

“We will have do a lot of things right and a lot of things well to get a result tomorrow, but we had to do the same against QPR and we managed it.”