'Darren Ferguson was just saying what the Peterborough United fans have been thinking'

Posh boss Darren Ferguson during the game at Mansfield. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.Posh boss Darren Ferguson during the game at Mansfield. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.
Posh boss Darren Ferguson during the game at Mansfield. Photo: Joe Dent/theposh.com.
Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson received plenty of support from the club’s fans after his blistering attack on his players following the Carabao Cup defeat at Mansfield on Tuesday.

There were also some dissenting voices re the manager

Fans’ comments to @PTAlanSwann on X are right here…

He’s speaking the truth and saying what surely we are all thinking - you can’t argue with a word he said. The sad thing is in this day and age, it will likely have the opposite impact on the players than it should do. It’s risky, but I don’t blame him.


Fergie chooses players. Fergie selects players. Players play to Fergie’s style. We are currently 8th in League 1 with players and staff we can afford. No better, no worse – that’s where we are. Saturday v Bristol Rovers will be interesting - will we appear together or disparate?


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What happened to ‘we don’t get too high when we win, or too low when we lose’?


Our chairman is very open so why shouldn’t our manager be?


It’s been a week since he told the fans they need patience.


About time he did. Just because the players are young doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism, although DF has to take some responsibility himself. Some of the players need to snap out of it fast. You can question DF selection at Sheffield Wednesday, but ultimately players shrank & disappeared, some could barely kick a ball properly. The players are adults, they're paid to make decisions in game and to defend/finish/pass/save etc - so do it. And let me clarify, they're League 1 players, they're not elite, but some do have talent. I don't expect promotion or a long cup run - I expect to lose some games..but I also expect a minimum standard of competence and effort. Can they all honestly say they are delivering that?


We had enough on the field to do the job. No excuses. DF was spot on.


Someone needed to tell them just how useless they are playing.


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It was refreshing to hear him actually say what the rest of us are thinking.


Thought this was meant to be a project with patience.


He’s clearly tried to publicly back them, but it’s got him nowhere.


Absolutely. He was spot on in everything he said.


Very erratic behaviour from a manager who pleaded for patience only recently. He now needs to back it up and play those summer signings currently languishing on the subs’ bench.


He was hardly going to pat the players’ backs and say ‘well done’. They need to grow some balls. Footballers are too pampered these days.


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It needed saying, and about time too. They have been getting away with it for too long. Although he picks players like RJJ and Burrows who are not good enough. Edwards is overated. If he’s that good, why do we concede so many goals?


Absolutely yes, they're playing in a man's game and need to take responsibility for their own performances.


I remember a certain owner telling us to give our young squad time and patience, because they will make mistakes. Did I just dream that? Or does that sentiment only extend as far as the fans? Hypocrites.


He needs to be careful as it’s a young team and he may lose the dressing room fast with those words.


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He may be correct, but he's also had 5 months to sort this out. The team has changed and got younger - he's the one constant. Take some responsibility.


Probably not, but the stress of knowing we’d thrown away a good chance of some decent money coming in got too much for him. I’d love him to reflect on his own mistakes. Seems the whole club is just waiting for Brentford to sell Toney now.