Fundraiser launched to help Peterborough youth league coach access treatment for 'aggressive brain tumour' in USA

Friends and family hope to raise £200,000 to send Graham out to America for treatment.

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 5:28 pm
Graham Walters.
Graham Walters.

A fundraiser has been launched to money towards the cost of treatment for a coach in the Peterborough and District Junior Alliance Football League that has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Graham Walters, who manages Holbeach United Under 11s and has given many years of service to grassroots football in the area, was diagnosed with an ‘aggressive’ brain tumour in January this year, following a biopsy on New Year’s Eve.

He first began having seizures in October 2021 before he was diagnosed with the cancerous disease; which remains one of the biggest killers of children and adults under 40.

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Since then, Graham has attended a number of hospital appointments and has vowed not to give in and ‘become a statistic.’ He remains determined to beat the disease to be with his wife Abigail and children Thomas (11) and Hannah (13).

Graham’s family and friends have set up the campaign to try and raise £200,000 to enable Graham to access treatment in the USA that is not currently available on the NHS.

He has already undergone six weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the UK but Graham wants to access a new innovative non-invasive treatment for glioblastoma brain tumours called the Optune treatment of Tumour Treating Fields.

The treatment costs as much as £17,500 per month and has to be self-funded but funds will also need to be raised to pay for the costs of MRI scans, private second opinions, modifications, equipment (including an off road wheel chair to get him on the football sidelines as coach), potentially other life saving and life extending chemotherapy as well as other treatments.

Friends of Graham, who started the fundraiser, said: “Given these eye watering costs, we have started this gofundme page to give Graham the best chance of beating this awful disease and enjoying the wonderful gift of life, watching his children grow up, working and running his football team!

"Fundraising activities will be starting shortly by all our lovely friends and family who love and value Graham.”

To support Graham’s treatment journey, visit