Boss Dean 'so very proud' of his Sports stars

Peterborough Sports manager Jimmy Dean has spoken of his immense pride of his players after their season was ended so abruptly last week.

Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 7:57 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 8:01 am
Peterborough Sports manager Jimmy Dean

The Football Association cancelled the seasons of all leagues from Step 3 and below in the non-League pyramid and confirmed all records would be expunged as a result.

That was a hammer blow to a number of teams, not least Sports who were sitting top of the BetVictor Southern League Premier Central when matches were suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 60 clubs have now written an open letter to the FA in protest and Dean is adamant the authorities could have taken a bit more time before coming to a decision.

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But, even though the record books now look set to wipe away what his team achieved in their first season at the level, he won’t be forgetting their efforts in a hurry.

“I am not going to sit here and say football is more important than the virus,” Dean said.

“But all I am saying is that they should have given it a bit of time.

“It was a time for people to be creative and not stuck in their ways because it is an unprecedented situation.

“Of course, from our point of view, we are devastated.

“There has been no secret to what we have done.

“We came up not knowing what to expect and the main aim was to stay up but because of that we started with a little bit of fear and we probably didn’t get the wins we should have done from the first five or six games.

“If we had got those then we probably would have been right up there.

“I am just so very proud of the boys. We have been together a long time and I think they have done something really special.

“The record books might say it never happened but what they have done has been incredible.

“I know what they are paid, I know we are not a massive club at that level but they can’t be praised enough for what they have achieved.

“They have been sensational. We have lost games and every time that happened people expected us to implode but every time we bounced back with a positive result and that shows you what a team is made of.

“Would we have won the league? Probably not if we are honest.

“Looking at the run-ins, Tamworth’s was ridiculously hard, Royston had the easiest run-in and I think they had the best squad and they would have won it.

“But, in one-off play-off matches, we would have always fancied our chances.”

Dean fully expects to keep the majority of the squad together for the next campaign, whenever that starts.

“I am a manager who works with evolution rather than revolution,” he added.

“The only time there was a revolution was when I joined at Step 6 and I brought my own team in.

“This isn’t a time to rebuild a team. From what the boys tell me and from what I anticipate, we will stay together.

“There might be one or two of the older boys who may have had enough which is understandable.

“But it’s fine. We will get two or three in. I am probably going to be badgering the chairman for a bit more money to see if we can take it on.

“We will be what we always are. We will be working hard and ready but I wonder if teams who have spent more than us might be better next time.

“But we have got a city, a good catchment area and boys who are committed to us. We need to add two or three bits of quality to it and we will be ready to have a go again.”