SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Murray remains the King of UK Sports, Bernard is too old to box, international football is pants

There are many deserving winners of UK sporting awards in 2016, but Andy Murray remains head and shoulders above the rest.

Saturday, 22nd October 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:11 pm
Andy Murray is the greatest.

A second Wimbledon title, a second Olympic gold medal and becoming the best player in the world (the rankings will confirm it soon enough) beats other Olympians who only have to peak once every four years.

Murray is a relentless winning machine.

Bernard Hopkins has enjoyed a fine boxing career, but fighting at the age of 51 against a knockout specialist in his last fight later this year leaves me feeling uneasy. In these health and safety conscious days, there should be an age limit for those who contest brutal sports.

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Bernard Hopkins is too old to fight.

We need less international football not more. The weekends when the biggest leagues in Europe take a break so Belgium can humble Gibraltar are the most boring sporting weekends of the winter.

And now FIFA clowns want to increase the World Cup Finals to 48 participating teams. Did they not watch the dullest and lowest quality Euros of all time? If so were they not paying attention?

So, oversee two dismal England performances, display no tactical acumen and rely on an inspired goalkeeper to avert an embarrassing defeat, but beat an abysmal Scotland side at home and the manager’s job is yours?

The FA have moved office to Cloud Cuckoo Land if they believe Gareth Southgate (above) is the long-term answer to England’s ills.

Gareth Southgate is lucky.

Sure he will get England to Russia, as you and I could, but if he can’t beat Slovenia is it realistic to expect him to set a team up to beat Germany, France or even mid-ranking opponents like Italy?

Southgate’s best moment so far has apparently been an impressive press conference ahead of the Slovenia game. On that basis make Barry Fry the boss.

Bernard Hopkins is too old to fight.
Gareth Southgate is lucky.