British top 10 is the next target for Wheeler

Karl Wheeler after winning his British Classic Challenge Belt.Karl Wheeler after winning his British Classic Challenge Belt.
Karl Wheeler after winning his British Classic Challenge Belt.
Karl Wheeler is back in the ring next month looking to climb further up the British cruiserweight rankings.

Promoter Steve Goodwin has announced the 33 year-old from Peterborough will box on his show at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday, May 14.

Wheeler is set to be matched over six rounds at the East End fight venue.

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For Wheeler, it will be his first fight since he blasted out Biola Kudus inside a couple of rounds to capture the British Classic Challenge Belt.

That result took him shooting up to 19th in the British rankings on Box Rec, the leading boxing website.

Wheeler said: “I was amazed to see myself so high in the rankings.

“But I did beat a good opponent who was unbeaten.

“He was no mug and for me to beat him after a bad defeat in my previous fight just shows how determined I am.

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“I’ve had a few setbacks in my boxing career, but I always come back stronger.

“I’m in the top 20 now just a few months after everyone thought I was finished and the top 10 has to be my target now. There’s no reason why I can’t get there if I put the work in.

“This next fight is all about consolidating that position in the top 20 or maybe even going up a place or two.

“We will have to see who I’m matched up with, but whoever it is, I’m ready for them.

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“I was going to go on holiday with the kids and enjoy myself, but this fight is a chance to keep the rust off and stay in the rankings.

“It’s hard on my family now, but in the future I’m sure it will all be worth it.”

Providing Wheeler wins next month, he should then box in Peterborough, possibly in September.

He said: “It looks like there’s going to be a big fight for me in Peterborough later this year. That’s what Steve is saying and that’s what I want to hear.”

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Wheeler has ruled out a rematch with Kudus - at least in the near future.

The Portsmouth puncher has claimed he was stopped prematurely after being dropped heavily in last month’s title fight and has called for a rematch on Facebook.

Wheeler responded: “Everyone says they want a rematch after they’ve lost. Even I’ve done it.

“But why would I want a rematch with him ? If he wins a belt and goes above me in the rankings, then maybe it could happen again. But until that happens, it makes no sense for me to fight him again.

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“He has to brush it off and move on, just like I’ve had to after I’ve lost fights.

“He says the fight shouldn’t have been stopped, but that referee (Bob Williams) is one of the best in the country. He could see his legs were gone and there was still another two minutes left in the round.

“He was wobbly and was going to get hurt if the referee didn’t stopped the fight. I still had a couple of gears to go through.

“I must have watched the fight 50 times and the referee definitely made the right decision !”

Tickets for the show at the York Hall are available from 07398-750739.

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