Nostalgia in pictures: Peterborough under construction - do you recognise these city centre sites before they were finished?

Part of Fletton Parkway under construction?Part of Fletton Parkway under construction?
Part of Fletton Parkway under construction?
Today's Looking Back pictures are all about construction, or destruction if you prefer.

Change is not always welcome but it is inevitable, and Peterborough’s recent history has seen plenty of it.

If you can identify all the locations and the building work going on in today’s selection you are a true Peterborian.

I’m not, but what follows are my best guesses.

Lower Bridge Street pre-RivergateLower Bridge Street pre-Rivergate
Lower Bridge Street pre-Rivergate

I’d appreciate it, if you can fill in the gaps.

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The top photograph, I’m fairly confident this shows buildings being demolished to make way for Rivergate.

If you look closely you can see part of the ‘W’ and ‘O’ of Woolworths on the building in the background.

My best guest for picture two is that it is the site being cleared for Queensgate Shopping Centre. Curtess Shoes will be a big clue for older Peterborians. Was the shop in Long Causeway?

The site of the new Queensgate Shopping Centre?The site of the new Queensgate Shopping Centre?
The site of the new Queensgate Shopping Centre?

The next picture is, I believe, of the building of a road bridge over the Nene, which became part of the Fletton Parkway.

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Picture four, on which you can just make out a road sign to the city centre and the A1, has me stumped although I have a vague feeling that it might be what is now “Queensgate’’ roundabout.

I am also struggling with picture five which looks like it shows a multi-storey car park under construction.

I’m confident that the final picture shows Bishop’s Road. Was the site in the foreground being cleared for the building of the court?

Queensgate roundaboutQueensgate roundabout
Queensgate roundabout

If you have any information about any of the pictures including dates they were taken please get in touch.

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