Five months of Peterborough roadworks will kill city market footfall

Peterborough City Market
Peterborough City Market
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It would not surprise me if the “footfall” for Peterborough Market was down again in the next six months - and this letter is about what is probably the main reason.

Octagenarians like myself (and perhaps youngsters in their 60s and 70s) can no longer reach the market by public transport because of roadworks which are likely to last until December.

There will be no buses in Westgate, Midgate, City Road or Broadway during that period unless the market authorities can lean on Peterborough City Council to speed up the work which seems to be taking an inordinately long time.

I enjoy buying fresh fruit and veg on my weekly visits but last week staggered back to the bus station with my local grown strawberries (and other items) in the realisation that it would no doubt be my last trip until the bus services are restored.

My favourite fruit is the Victoria plum (again locally grown) which has a short season in August and September and this year I can only dream of picking through the choicest and ripest at my favourite fruit and veg stall; unless Hansons start a delivery service!

Come on Peterborough City Council, make an effort on behalf of your besieged senior citizens!

Brian Baker - Bretton, Peterborough