Do we need another hotel in Peterborough?

How the new Premier Inn could look
How the new Premier Inn could look
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The proposed new Premier Inn Hotel will be between the Park Inn Hotel and the new Hilton Hotel. Is there no objection from either of these hotels?

I don’t think it will get much use from patrons to the Key Theatre.

They usually have a car or use a taxi. Cast members usually book lodgings and now 90 per cent of the shows are one nighters, of whom these artists do not work every day and will want to travel home.

Now is a golden opportunity to realign the road to improve a bad design, which should have turned west through the Asda car park to join Bourges Boulevard.

Peterborough City Council would not have to pay for it. They always get funding when they want to for other road works - if only in stages like the recent additional Bourges Boulevard traffic lights and the loan to the Hilton Hotel developers.

Will the Hilton now say they are pulling out because there will be another one close by?

Martin Lightfoot

Gladstone Street