Whittlesey charity pays for youngsters to have hearts screened

A heart screening pictureA heart screening picture
A heart screening picture
Charity Defibrillators for All paid for 106 young people to be screened for undiagnosed heart conditions at the Whittlesey Masonic Centre.

At the previous screening a higher than average number of patients were referred to cardiologists, which resulted in the need for more screening days.

The cost of hiring Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) to carry out the screenings is £5,000 for a weekday and increases to £8,000 for a Saturday or Sunday.

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The charity’s founder Deborah Slator said: “The Masons kindly donated their premises to allow the event to take place. Dave Sowman who is a mason along with his wife Jan provided refreshments and lunch for the team from Defibrillators For All and CRY.

“Sir Harry Smith Community College ensured their eligible students were aware and were given time to attend the session.

“Thank you once again to all those in Whittlesey who support the work of Defibrillators For All.”

Defibrillators For All has already booked a screening date for 2019 and fundraising will start in the new year.