Temperatures forecast to hit whopping 36C in Peterborough - but thunderstorms might not be far away

It is forecast to be a warm bank holiday in Peterborough
It is forecast to be a warm bank holiday in Peterborough
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The Met Office is forecasting that temperatures will hit a whopping 36C in Peterborough this week.

The forecast is for 36C on Thursday at around 4pm, before cooling to 28C in the evening.

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A Hot Weather Alert Level 3 was declared for the East of England yesterday (Monday) which is in place until 9am on Friday.

This is because there is a 90 per cent probability of temperatures being high enough on at least two consecutive days to have significant effects on health.

The forecast for today is currently a top temperature of 32C at 5pm, and a high of 30C tomorrow.

The founder of Peterborough Weather Watch, Trev Robbins-Pratt, said his highest recorded temperature for Peterborough is 35.2C on July 19, 2006, but he did record just over 37C under a different set up on August 10, 2003, the day the UK officially recorded its hottest day on record of 38.5C.

However, a yellow warning for thunderstorms has also been issued which currently is set to miss Peterborough by a very short distance.

The affected area covers Stamford down towards the Wansford junction on the A1, as well as the Peterborough/Northamptonshire border.

The warning is in place from 6pm today until 9am tomorrow.

The Met Office said there is a slight chance of power cuts and damage to properties due to lighting strikes, hail or strong winds.

Driving conditions could also be affected.