STORM EUNICE: Fastest wind speed recorded near Peterborough revealed

The top wind speed recorded in our region today during Storm Eunice has been revealed.

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 18th February 2022, 5:24 pm

The Met Office use the weather station at Wittering - and between 3pm and 3.50pm a speed of 67mph was recorded.

Gusts of 63mph, 65mph and 66mph were also recorded in the afternoon - although it did not quite reach the speeds of up to 75mph it had been feared would arrive in the city.

No major damage has been reported so far in Peterborough, other than a small number of trees blowing over. However, the storm caused disruption to travel, with buses and train services all cancelled in the city.

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A wall was blown over in Linnet , Orton wistow. Pic: Dennis Osborne

While the wind speeds in Peterborough were strong, elsewhere in the country records were broken, with an incredible 122mph recorded on the Isle of Wight - though to be the fastest ever recorded in England.