Chilly start to ‘glorious 12th’ forecast in Peterborough for outdoors re-opening of pubs, cafes and restaurants

Monday marks the day many have been waiting months for - the re-opening of many pubs, cafes and restaurants in Peterborough as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Friday, 9th April 2021, 5:00 am

Establishments will only be able to offer outdoor seating on Monday, with the city centre set to embrace ‘cafe culture.’

But residents will have to wait a little while before Peterborough feels like the Mediterranean - with below average temperatures forecast for the week.

Trevor Robbins-Pratt, from Peterborough Weather Watch, said it would be a chilly start on Monday. He said; “Temperatures look set to be below average, with a cold/cool beginning of week gradually before increasing through the week, perhaps in a range from 8°C to 12°C. The average maximum temperature for this time of the month is around 14.0°C.

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'Cafe Culture' is set to arrive in Peterborough next week

“There will perhaps be some showery rain on Monday and Tuesday, but amounts currently look to be small.

“Beyond next week, it is currently looking like it will become milder/warmer, but maybe more unsettled. However, this is a long way off in weather terms!!”

The cooler weather which has hit Peterborough over the past week - following record breaking March temperatures - comes as a result of low pressure to the north of the UK.

Trevor said; “A large area of High Pressure(HP) developed between Greenland and Iceland, whilst an area of Low Pressure(LP) was established well to the north of the UK, within the Arctic Circle.

“With another area of HP to the east/south east of the UK across Europe, this caused a ‘block’ which meant that the area of LP within the Arctic Circle to was allowed to push a cold Arctic air mass south across the UK at the beginning of the week, bringing the sleet/snow showers to places.”