Tree pain is the root cause of TV trouble

A woman with a chronic pain condition is frustrated with Peterborough City Council for not trimming a large tree which she believes is stopping her from watching TV.

Saturday, 18th June 2016, 4:00 pm
Sue Wilson from Westwood EMN-161006-155301009

Sue Wilson (46) spends a lot of time at her home in Horton Walk, Westwood, due to having fibromyalgia and functional movement disorder, so having a functional TV is of huge importance to her.

But despite having her aerial checked she said the council will not try the one possible solution which is left and trim the tree next to her home.

Sue said: “The problem started as minor a few months ago and was random and a little bit annoying. With the disabilities I have I spend a lot of time watching TV, and when it does not work I panic.”

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Sue Wilson from Westwood EMN-161006-155354009

Sue moved into her home in 2013. Her TV sometimes works but suddenly it will go black or pixelate.

“The council said ‘unfortunately we are not going to do anything if they are healthy trees’,” said Sue. “I said ‘do I not have a right to watch TV’?”

Sue said she was told she could trim the tree herself but does not have “hundreds of pounds.”

The council said it had not received a complaint but a spokeswoman said: “There is no right to good reception and in many cases it is possible to resolve issues of tree related poor reception by finding an engineering solution.

Sue Wilson from Westwood EMN-161006-155354009

“The council will only consider requests to prune trees to improve reception after all the following conditions have been met:

lEfforts have been made to find an engineering solution to the problem and have not been successful.

l The work required is consistent with good arboricultural practice and will not unduly affect the amenity or health of the tree.

l The work required can be executed within current financial constraints.”