Safety audit planned along road where Peterborough teenager was killed

A safety audit has been planned along a road close to Peterborough where a teenager was killed last year.

By Ben Jones
Monday, 5th July 2021, 6:20 am
Cain Martin's memorial along the B1167 at New Cut, Thorney.
Cain Martin's memorial along the B1167 at New Cut, Thorney.

Cain Martin was killed in November along the B1196 New Cut near Thorney, when he lost control of his car and was involved in a collision.

Since then, his dad Ernest has been campaigning to improve safety along the stretch of road. Among his ideas to improve safety are the introduction of speed cameras and a levelling out of the undulating road surface. He has also called for temporary 40mph limits to be put in place while the council investigates the best course of action.

Last week (June 23), a meeting took place at the site of Cain’s crash, and now memorial, between his father, the council’s Highways Team and Peterborough City Council Chief Executive Officer Gillian Beasley

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Ernest Martin.

It was agreed that the council will ask an independant road safety auditor to identify any road safety issues with the site and what the necessary action should be.

Mr Martin said: “This issue is really important and I am prepared to do what I have to to make sure the road is made safer.

“I have seen shocking pictures of the aftermath of crashes on that road and just the other week, a young driver even crashed into Cain’s memorial and they are only the incidents I know about.

“I am pushing for a reduced speed limit, more signage and speed cameras along the road. I was struggling to get anywhere so reached out to Mrs Beasley personally and she actually responded and came to the meeting herself.

“She apologised and said that my letter touched a nerve with her, which was nice.

“It is positive that the road is being looked at and patience is a virtue but hopefully, this is the start of a process that sees the road becoming a lot safer for everyone.

“I have said if they expect it to be longer than a month I will be pushing for the temporary reduced speed limit to be introduced until such time that the permanent solution is completed and I can then sleep a little easier knowing Cain dying on that death trap of a rollercoaster road wasn’t just marked up as another statistic.

“Him dying has given me a need to protect others from the torment my family and I now have to somehow live with. I pray that I never have to watch a friend or family member go through this and that Cain was that one too many.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson added: “We’re aware of the incident that happened at New Cut/B1167 and our thoughts and sympathies are with Cain’s family and friends.

“In support of the police investigation into the accident, the council explored whether any changes to the road were necessary and agreed with the conclusions outlined by the police.

“We have agreed to undertake a road safety audit after meeting with Mr Martin. This will be carried out by an independent road safety auditor and will identify if there are any road safety issues and mitigations/improvements that could be made to this section of road.

“Road safety remains a priority for the council and as such we will continue to monitor all our highway network and implement measures where necessary. We are in discussions with Cain’s family to see if we need to take any further action regarding this section of road in the future.”