Plans for pop-up cycle lanes in Peterborough sparks big response

Plans for pop-up cycle lanes in Peterborough have drawn a large response from city residents.
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As reported on Monday by the Peterborough Telegraph, metro mayor James Palmer has asked leader of Peterborough City Council Cllr John Holdich, and leader of Cambridgeshire County Council Cllr Steve Count, for ideas of schemes which can be introduced.

Cllr Holdich told the Peterborough Telegraph that plans were being worked on.

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Cycling has seen a boost in popularity during the current coronavirus crisis, with people using it as a form of exercise during lockdown.

A cycle lane in Crescent Bridge has been suggestedA cycle lane in Crescent Bridge has been suggested
A cycle lane in Crescent Bridge has been suggested

The PT has asked readers for their thoughts on the proposals and below are some of the responses we received:

Cllr Nick Sandford, leader of the Lib Dem group on Peterborough City Council: “It’s something I would be really supportive of. There’s been a massive upsurge in the number of people out cycling. I’ve been going out for daily cycling and I’ve seen lots of people cycling.

“There’s been a big fall in pollution and one of the challenges of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and city council is to find the means when restrictions are lifted to get people to continue cycling.

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“There is a huge variation in cycling facilities across Peterborough. Some areas like Bretton you can cycle around on dedicated cycle tracks. But in central areas like Central ward and Park ward you find cyclists have no option but to cycle on the street.

“It’s a case of looking at areas which do not have dedicated areas for cycling.”

Green Party city councillor Nicola Day: “It is very encouraging to see Mayor Palmer introduce measures to install more pop-up cycle lanes. Our residential and urban streets need to be more pedestrian and cycle-friendly.

“I have been highlighting issues faced on Crescent Bridge as the paths on both sides are significantly less than two metres wide. Pedestrians’ and cyclists’ only choice is to ignore government social distancing rules or use the live traffic lane - both options are dangerous.

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“We would like to see the three traffic lanes converted to two, with the extra lane being used to give pedestrians and cyclists increased access so they can use this vital route into the city centre safely.”

Emailed responses:

Christine Haynes - “Rather than see more cycleways I would like to see cyclists educated regarding not cycling on pathways that are meant for pedestrians. Many are extremely rude, ringing their bell riding at great speed expecting walkers to move out of their way immediately!

“I have lost count of the number of times my husband and I have very nearly been knocked down on footpaths whilst out walking. Cyclists do not seem to realise they can cause serious injuries to pedestrians if they run into them. If paths are given over to cyclists, where are pedestrians supposed to walk?”


Steve turner - @madein66: Does it matter?? Cyclists ride where the hell they like anyway.

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Neil Pirie - @neiljpirie: As a regular social cyclist and triathlete put the signs where you like. For one I would never ever cycle anywhere near town u less I wishes my children to inherit early. The road surface is disgusting/dangerous, drivers are intolerant and I have a wish to live a little longer.

NAG - @Kingwolf84: It shouldn’t just be shoe horning cyclists into the vehicle traffic - there needs to be a reduction in space for non-public transport vehicles so that it becomes easier to walk/ride take public transport than drive yourself there.

robert0461 - @robert0461: For myself, a safe cycling route between Fletton and the railway station would be extremely helpful.

Patrick Boland - @chiefcelt1888: Don’t think it matters, my walk from Eastfield to town is very dangerous due to speeding cyclists on the pavements. I can understand Boongate/Eastfield roundabout is lethal for cyclists but cross over and then return to the road.

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Mikson - @Mikson_Mik: Grand idea, would make so much easier to get from Regional College to City Centre, sort of extend existing cycling lane from junction near colkege all the way towards eastfield and another al9ng park road, however that’s not bad there

Darren Kelly - @Dazlar72: I think most cyclists head out to the country..but if there are people biking to the train station etc I can see a benefit of cycle lanes and this may encourage people to exercise and dump the car


Emma Watts: I’d love to see something along the A47 Southorpe to Wansford being a more serious cyclist that’s the way we head for some hills.

Nik Williams: PCC doesn’t have the stomach for real change in this regard. Its car-centric policies prioritise inefficient private car use over walking, cycling and public transport and there’ll be no change until this is reversed. Tinkering is a waste of money.

Alan Stimson: On the embankment.

Julie Herd: Ferry meadows

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Mark Woodall: No point in any more as the existing ones aren’t maintained.

Angela Payne: Please can we have a cycle lane from Northborough up to glinton Amvc , the narrow pedestrian path is used daily & is not suitable for purpose & needs updating urgently. Also from Deeping to Northborough is similarly in need of cycle way.

Rita Green: There should be cycling/pedestrian path all along the A15 route

Danny Boy Murphy: connecting thorney to eye would be a good start.