150 fines in two years for Mayor’s Walk parking breaches

More than 150 fines were handed out in the space of two years for parking breaches at Mayor’s Walk in West Town.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 5:00 am

In total, 95 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued by Peterborough City Council in 2019/20, dropping to 69 in 2020/21.

And just in 2021, 22 have been handed out.

During the same period of time 137 permits have been issued for the road, of which 92 are for residents and 45 for visitors.

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Mayor's Walk
Mayor's Walk

The council said there is enough space in Mayor’s Walk for approximately 55 vehicles, but that it was not possible to reveal whether any of the PCNs had been issued to permit holders.

Labour and Co-operative councillor for Ravensthorpe Cllr Ed Murphy, whose ward covers part of Mayor’s Walk, called for a transport strategy for the area focussing on the environment.

He said: “Residents need to be fully consulted when reviewing parking restrictions in Mayor’s Walk.

“Parking permits are in effect a parking tax on the more densely populated areas. And it is particularly annoying for those who have residence permits but can’t find a place to park or get fined for parking in a temporary zone when no other space is available.

“However, in mixed residential and commercial areas like Mayor’s Walk with the shops there is a balance that needs to be struck. The main traffic issue in the area remains the one of speed and safety and that is the concern of residents, and the council have failed to take up this matter.

“Millions is spent on transport each year, but in areas like West Town the car still dominates. I have submitted a number of schemes to improve the situation for pedestrians and cyclists but this council have failed to pursue them.”

Overall, during the time period:

. 111 PCNs have been issued for not holding a valid permit in a resident permit bay

. 42 for overstaying in a time limited bay or returning within the no return time

. 23 for parking on double or single yellow lines

. 8 for having an invalid permit (expired or wrong zone) in a resident permit bay

. 1 for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge

. 1 for parking in a bus stop.

This adds up to 186.

The council added: “It should be noted that holding a resident or visitor’s parking permit is no guarantee of a space. The purpose of the scheme is only to give priority to residents.

“It remains the driver’s responsibility to find a legal parking place for their vehicle and, where resident permit holder spaces are full, it is the driver’s responsibility to find alternative parking.”