LETTER: More action needed to ease rail travel from Peterborough

As a regular rail user I am pleased to see that services have been increased with Peterborough now having a direct link to Gatwick with through trains operating frequently.

Also there has been a redevelopment of the station with two further platforms added.

The station is a large source of congestion within the city especially in the evenings as commuters vie with local travellers heading home.

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I am in favour of the current plans to increase access to the existing car park to assist in easing congestion.

There are, however, a number of other initiatives that if deployed could make travel easier for the wider community.

1) Provide access to the main station from the western side

A significant number of rail users cross over crescent bridge needlessly if there were access to the station from Thorpe Road on the Western approach. If only for a drop off area

2) Construction of a Peterborough North & South stations.

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A large number of people travel into the city centre to catch the train and a significant number of these are motorists.

If there were stations built at Hampton and Werrington with sufficient car parking this would see a large reduction in the number of bottle necks in the town centre.

This would also benefit the local communities if they are to travel to the other end of the city as well as reducing travel times from Yaxley, Werrington and the Deepings etc.

3) Make use of the existing Nene Valley Railway

The NVR is not extensively used during week day peak times.

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If the line could be connected up to the network, trains could shuttle along the existing track collecting passengers from the Ortons with a potential park and ride adjacent to the A1 near Wansford.

This would assist those travellers getting to the schools and businesses in Lynch Wood.

The NVR would be able to operate during their peak times at weekends and Bank Holidays unhindered.

I appreciate that there is a price associated with each of these initiatives as well as increased operating costs. I am sure that the increase in footfall would more than offset these.

If Peterborough is serious in developing public transport and reducing the queues around the city centre these would appear to be a reasonable approach

Adrian Tasker - via email