Driver's warning after crash on Peterborough parkway

A driver who had a lucky escape after he walked away from a terrifying crash is warning people to give each other more time and space on the city's roads.

The man, who has asked not to be named, was involved in the collision on the Paston Parkway at about 8.30am yesterday (Thursday).

He lost control of his Vauxhall after another car pulled in front of him on the icy road, giving him no time to react.

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His car rolled into a bank on the side of the road - but he escaped with just a cut on his head.


He said; “I was in the outside lane, with a car in the left lane. Another car was coming down the slip road quickly, and so the car in the left lane pulled in front of me, but I did not have any time to react and I didn’t have enough room.

“I hit the brakes and started spinning and lost control.

“I remember being upside down, and then I blacked out for a few seconds. I woke up and was hanging from my seatbelts. I kicked the door open a bit and waved. A car stopped to phone for an ambulance and a lorry driver stayed with me to make sure I was OK.”

The driver did not need hospital treatment, but ambulance crews treated him for an hour at the scene.

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He said: “People just need to give others a bit more time and space in these weather conditions. If it had been dry I think I would have been OK.”

The driver also urged any witnessed to the collision to contact police on 101.

The driver also appealed for the driver of the lorry to get in touch, via the Peterborough Telegraph, so he could thank him.

If you are the lorry driver, email [email protected]