Time to honour a Peterborough great - reader letter

Wyndham ThomasWyndham Thomas
Wyndham Thomas
With the recent passing of Wyndham Thomas, surely it must now be the time to honour him with naming a road, area or building after him.

The Development Corporation was very imaginative in their naming of housing areas as the city developed, using many historical references such as the names of ancient abbey tenancies for new housing areas e.g. Bringhurst and Lythemere.

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They also used names such as Gostwick and Brudenell who were commissioners appointed by Henry VIII to oversee the dissolution of the monasteries. Fortunately, in their wisdom or maybe because of Henry’s greed, the commissioners decided to save the comparatively wealthy Peterborough Abbey.

There are many instances of those who have done great or memorable things for the city (and others maybe more dubious) who are remembered in this way so the name of Wyndham Thomas must be right for this honour.

Janet Frusher

Amberley Slope


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