Snap happy Paramedic needed passport for latest picture project on the Streets of Europe

A popular photographer has picked up his passport and swapped the streets of Peterborough for tree-lined boulevards of Europe.

Friday, 29th December 2017, 4:00 pm

Chris Porsz has become a well known face in Peterborough for taking unique images in and around his home city – while also working as a paramedic.

Last year he published his book Reunions, which saw the photographer recreating images with subjects decades after the original picture was taken. Now he has produced another book of his images, titled Streets of Europe.

The book focuses on the characters found in some of Europe’s biggest cities, as well as throwing a new light on some world famous sights and landmarks.

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He visited cities including Rome, Paris, Oslo and Berlin on his cross-continent project.

Chris said: “I had my column for the Peterborough Telegraph (Paramedic Paparazzo) I thought I needed to be inspired by new places.

“Luton Airport had an exhibition using some of the photos I had taken, and I used that as the basis for the book.

“I would fly from Luton or Stansted Airport to a city within easy reach for two or three days, and walk from dawn until dusk taking pictures.

“I would be looking for the characters and the personalities that made the city what it is - or find an iconic view and find a different way of taking the picture.

“I think Venice was my favourite place - simply because there were no cars. It was nice to move round a city without them - there were lots of narrow little alleyways - it was a city full of surprises. I also got to travel by Gondola.

“I liked Warsaw, which is where my mum was from - so there was a real personal connection.

“It was a an enjoyable project to do - people are people, where ever they are from.

“It took about six years to do, fitting the trips in with the day job.”

Chris is now working on his next project, in time for Christmas 2018.

He said: “I am now doing a similar project called the Streets of Britain, where I travel to cities across the country - I’ll obviously include Peterborough in that book.”

Along with Streets of Europe, Chris has also published a 2018 calendar, filled with pictures of Peterborough.

He said: “I did a calendar a few years ago, and decided to update it. There are a few views in it that don’t exist anymore, such as the one from the old Peterborough District Hospital site.”

Chris’s books - Streets of Europe’ ‘Reunions’ and ‘New England’ - and the calendar are available to buy from

They are also on sale at the Peterborough Tourist Information Centre, Waterstones and Art in the Heart.

The Streets of Europe costs £22, Reunions costs £16, New England costs 
£8 and the calendar costs £10.