Pray and work together for prosperous 2018

Abdul Choudhuri, Chairman Faizan e Madinah Mosque

Monday, 25th December 2017, 6:00 am
Abdul Choudhuri at the Faisan Madina mosque at Peterborough EMN-150120-174922009

“I am delighted once again to send Christmas greetings to all Christians people in Peterborough and elsewhere and wish all of them merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new Year.

“It is very ironical that during the past two year and indeed this year as well the birthday of the prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him and the birthday of prophet Jesus peace be upon him happened in the month of December.

“In the first week of December this year Muslims all around the world celebrated the birthday of prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. Muslims in Peterborough also celebrated the birthday of the prophet with a procession march and listening from scholars in Mosques the teaching of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which are about peace, love, care and love for others and kindness to all mankind.

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“Indeed it is the same message from prophet Jesus peace be upon him as well.

“All Muslims believe that Jesus is the prophet of God just like other prophets - Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jacob and Muhammad peace be upon them. All prophets of God have same messages of peace, love, care for others and be kind not only to human beings but also to animals.

“It is indeed very sad to see millions of people around the world suffering due to wars, internal strife who have no homes, no shelter no food and no love ones left to care for them.

“Let us remember all those who are starving around the world while we will be enjoying variety of food at Christmas and indeed at other times as well, let us also remember all those who have no shelter over their head just the open air under the sounds of guns while we are living in cosy homes.

“Let us send a very strong message at Christmas time from two of the biggest religion in the world- Christianity and Islam- to have love and not hate, peace and not war, food and shelter not bombs and rockets. This is the proper way of celebrating the Christmas and Eid Milad un Nabi events and follow the teachings of our prophets.

“Let us pray and work together for a prosperous 2018.”