Powerleague Peterborough offers league for men who want to lose weight

A 14-week football league exclusively for men who want to lose weight launches at Powerleague Peterborough.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 4:30 pm
Andrew Shanahan before and after

The MAN v FAT Football scheme is for the very first time available in Peterborough from July 15 in Peterborough Road.

Set up by Andrew Shanahan who himself lost five stone, MAN v FAT combines football with easy to follow diet and lifestyle advice.

There is the traditional weigh-ins as at other weight loss classes, but they are followed-up by a game of football. Extra points are awarded depending on the pounds lost by the players, so it becomes a real team effort.

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Andrew, managing director of www.manvfat.com said, “We’re thrilled to offer this to men in Peterborough. We’ve seen that MAN v FAT Football can have an incredible impact on the health of our players with 98 per cent of players losing weight and 93 per cent reporting health improvements from curing sleep apnoea to huge improvements in blood pressure and joint pain.

“We therefore want more men to benefit from it and so joining forces with Powerleague means that our Peterborough league will have access to custom-designed facilities, incredibly high quality staff and an organisation that is as committed to our goal as we are.”

Powerleague CEO Rupert Campbell said: “We want our Powerleague Peterborough to be welcoming to all players of all abilities. To do this, it’s important we offer football in formats that’s tailored to the needs of different customers.

“Offering MAN v FAT makes 5-a-side accessible to a group of men who haven’t necessarily played for some time but want to get back into the game they love and exercise with guys of a similar fitness level. We’re looking forward to seeing some fantastic results for the players.”

Chris Fenton joined MAN v FAT Football in January and has dropped over three stone. He said: “MAN V FAT Football first gave me a kick up the behind and made me realise how bad my health is. 

“I was then put into a group of lads who all had the same goals to play football and to lose weight. It gives me a focus and a desire to lose weight and as the weeks go on I feel better about myself. 

“I have more energy and for the first time I’m able to play with my kids without getting tired. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and would recommend it to any man.”

MAN v FAT Football at Powerleague Peterborough kicks off on July 15. Players can sign up at www.manvfat.com/football.