Peterborough residents react angrily to Fiona Onasanya jail sentence and news she can still serve as MP from prison

Peterborough residents have reacted angrily to the three month jail sentence handed to Fiona Onasanya at the Old Bailey today, which means she can continue to serve as MP from prison.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 12:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:38 pm
Fiona Onasanya arrives at court

She will serve half the prison inside prison, with the other half in the community on licence.

The sentence means a recall petition will be set up - but only after the appeal process has concluded, which could take several months.

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The recall petition would mean a by-election would be triggered if at least 10 per cent of constituents signed it. Ms Onasanya would be eligible to stand in the by-election.

Taking to social media, Peterborough residents reacted angrily to the sentence and Ms Onasanya's refusal to resign as MP to date.

Andy Grahamme said: "Sickening beyond belief. The government wonders why the British public has no faith in them and the legal system? She should be sacked immediately and banned from any future role in public office."

Dave Delve said: "Disgraceful she is a lawyer and lies through her teeth and only gets 3 months . The CPS Should appeal for longer sentence."

James Morgan added: "She'll serve a month to six weeks. It's unthinkable that she will be permitted to continue to work as an MP."

John Best said: "So we have to pay for her while she is in jail, while paying her MP salary. Has the world gone mad."

Julie Barton added: "I think Peterborough needs to get a petition going asking for her removal. The Labour Party has sacked her and she is an independent MP now so should not be so hard to get rid of her. Need to get the petition started. If she has done this what is to stop her doing it again."